What About NOW?

March 8, 2017Wake Up Call

They say that at the moment of death your whole life flashes before your eyes in an instant. Is there time in that moment, I wonder, to regret whatever time was wasted? Of course, what good would it do you then?

I try harder than I used to to make every minute count because of a big mistake I made years ago. I moved into a townhouse with my daughters when they were very little, expecting to be there only a short time. I love flowers and thought of planting some tulip bulbs the first autumn. “No” I said to myself, “I’ll not be here to see them come up.” Spring came and went and I was still there but had no flowers to enjoy.

The following fall I told myself that surely by next spring I would be gone so again, I didn’t plant. I ended up living there fifteen years and never had a bulb garden. I thought my life was going to go a certain way, but I was wrong. By looking ahead instead of making decisions based on the present I really missed out.

Recently I came across this quote by one of my favorite poets, Emily Dickinson. She said; “Forever is composed of nows.” She’s quite right about that; forever has already begun for each one of us. Don’t waste your time thinking about tomorrow. What about NOW?



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