Yard Rules – Genesis 1:28

Wake Up Call

A few weeks ago I was walking my dogs and I was stung by a bee. I was telling my daughter about it when she questioned me. “How could that have happened? I thought you had an agreement with your bees?”

“But I wasn’t on my own property” I said, “I was a few blocks away.” She was referring to something I had done when I first moved into my house years before. Since the previous owner was an avid gardener I was delighted to inherit a lush array of flowers from early spring through frost.

I wasn’t alone in my enjoyment of the garden. Bees galore visited every day and dined continuously on all the nectar. “That’s fine” I thought. “I’m willing to share as long as they know who is boss.” So I stood out in the center of my yard and made an announcement out loud.

“I am taking dominion over this yard. God has placed it in my hands and I have authority over it. You all may stay and enjoy the garden as long as you obey my commands and don’t sting me.” My daughters had a pretty good laugh over what they considered my incredible silliness. Maybe right now you’re joining them.

But guess what? I’ve worked endless hours all over that garden for all these years and I’ve never been stung. I’ve commanded bees to move when needed and they always have. God said; “rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky, and over every living thing that moves on the earth.” (Genesis 1:28)

Who can argue with that? Not me, and apparently not my bees!