Much Wealth – Proverbs 15:6

Wake Up Call

How much enjoyment can a thief truly obtain with stolen goods? Isn’t he always looking over his shoulder, worrying about being caught? If someone cheats on taxes, isn’t there always the fear of discovery through an IRS audit? Doesn’t corruption breed suspicion, eroding peace of mind?

The Bible tells it like it is: “Much wealth is in the house of the righteous, but trouble is in the income of the wicked” (Proverbs 15:6). If you are thinking that not all the righteous are wealthy you might want to expand your definition of wealth. A clear conscious is an asset worth a fortune. So is the joy of not having to cover your tracks or avoid gnawing guilt.

It’s often too late that the wicked discover just how much “trouble” is in their income. True for individuals, organizations, movements and religious institutions as well. Ungodly gain may pile up for quite a while until they believe that they are insulated from consequences. Not so. Ultimately, trouble comes.

We should learn two lessons from this scriptural truth. The first is to watch closely the source of our own income. It’s really not worth deriving one penny from any questionable means. The other is to watch where our income goes. Look carefully at the integrity of every place you give. Why contribute to the income of the wicked who is only headed for trouble?

Is your house the house of the righteous? Then here’s what you can watch for: MUCH WEALTH!



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