hand of god


Isaiah prophesied about the coming judgment and captivity while Israel was still prosperous and quite unwilling to be concerned. Still, his proclamations are full of hope about restoration and redemption and a major thrust of the book is the promise of the coming Messiah.

Careless Word

Isaiah 1:18

Whom Shall God Send?

Isaiah 6:5

Whatever Time Is Left

Isaiah 6:8

HIS Government

Isaiah 9:6

An Earth Full

Isaiah 11:2

Fear Repellant

Isaiah 12:2

Go Green

Isaiah 24:5

The Quiet Choice

Isaiah 30:15


Isaiah 32:8

One Task

Isaiah 32:17

A Peaceful Habitation

Isaiah 32:18

Add Fifteen

Isaiah 38:1

Even Trade?

Isaiah 40:29

Bone Weary

Isaiah 40:31

Are You a Bruised Reed?

Isaiah 42:3

New Song

Isaiah 42:9

What's New with You?

Isaiah 43:18

Happy New Year!

Isaiah 43:19

My Memory Versus His

Isaiah 43:25

Forget It!

Isaiah 43:25

Forgive Yourself

Isaiah 43:25

God in a Box

Isaiah 45:9

Happy Birthday

Isaiah 49:15

God's Tattoo

Isaiah 49:16

Learned Tongue

Isaiah 50:4


Isaiah 53

Those Things

Isaiah 53:4

Better Bread

Isaiah 53:5

Believe 53

Isaiah 53:5

Heaven's Blood Bank

Isaiah 53:5

The Blame Game

Isaiah 53:6

The Best Husband

Isaiah 54:4

Whole Lotta Shakin'

Isaiah 54:10

What Is Antimony?

Isaiah 54:11

Who Dares Assail You?

Isaiah 54:15

Higher Ways

Isaiah 55:9

Julie's House

Isaiah 55:9

Putting Words In God's Mouth

Isaiah 55:9

Interested in Results?

Isaiah 55:11


Isaiah 55:11

Be Single Minded

Isaiah 58:3

Night Light

Isaiah 60:2

Loneliest Time

Isaiah 61:1

Keep A Change Of Clothes Handy

Isaiah 61:3

The Comforter

Isaiah 66:13