hand of god


The Gospel of John is completely different from the other three. His concern is not as much what happened but what it means. This gospel has a more theological feel and takes the spiritual high road. The seven "I am..." statements are found in this book.

Ask For The Good Stuff

John 2:3

Fair Game

John 2:24

Heart of Love

John 3:16

Are You Thirsty?

John 4:13


John 4:14

Listen Hard

John 5:5

A Big Question

John 5:6

Cry Out - IF You Want It

John 5:6


John 5:19

Getting Credit

John 5:19

Better Bread

John 6:48

Beggars All

John 6:48

Where Would We Go?

John 6:66


John 7:37

Unforgivable Sin?

John 8:7

Flip The Switch

John 8:12

The Right Diet

John 8:31

An Expensive Confession

John 8:36

Freedom Still Rings

John 8:36

Beware the Liar

John 8:44

Promises, Promises - But Who Delivers?

John 8:44

What Family Is For

John 9:2

Keep On Working

John 9:4

Night Is Coming

John 9:4

Healing Either Way

John 9:7


John 9:9

Lone Wolf-Easy Target

John 10:10


John 10:10

Don't Fear The Scarecrow

John 10:10

The Stretch

John 10:10

Not Just A Good Man

John 10:33

They Should Have Remembered Lazarus

John 11:8

A Dull Heart

John 11:48

Offer It Up

John 12:24

Are You Ready For Promotion?

John 13:14

Itchin' for a Fight

John 13:35

A Bout With Doubt

John 14:6

Hand in Hand

John 14:12


John 15:1


John 15:16

Worth The Trouble

John 17:21

Which Way Is North?

John 18:37

GOOD Friday - It Is Finished

John 19:30

Attention To Detail

John 19:30

Believe 53

John 19:30

I Doubt It

John 20:20