March 8, 2017Wake Up Call

The Gospel of John is completely different from the other three. His concern is not as much what happened but what it means. This gospel has a more theological feel and takes the spiritual high road. The seven “I am…” statements are found in this book.

Ask For The Good Stuff John 2:3
Fame Game John 2:24
Heart of Love John 3:16
Are You Thirsty? John 4:13
Thirst John 4:14
Listen Hard John 5:5
A Big Question John 5:6
Cry Out – IF You Want It John 5:6
CAVU John 5:19
Getting Credit John 5:19
Better Bread John 6:48
Beggars All John 6:48
Where Would We Go? John 6:66
Salty John 7:37
Unforgivable Sin? John 8:7
Flip The Switch John 8:12
The Right Diet John 8:31
An Expensive Confession John 8:36
Freedom Still Rings John 8:36
Beware the Liar John 8:44
Promises, Promises – But Who Delivers? John 8:44
What Family Is For John 9:2
Keep On Working John 9:4
Night Is Coming John 9:4
Healing Either Way John 9:7
Believe John 9:9
Lone Wolf-Easy Target John 10:10
Bend John 10:10
Don’t Fear The Scarecrow John 10:10
The Stretch John 10:10
Not Just A Good Man John 10:33
They Should Have Remembered Lazarus John 11:8
A Dull Heart John 11:48
Offer It Up John 12:24
Are You Ready For Promotion? John 13:14
Itchin’ for a Fight John 13:35
A Bout With Doubt John 14:6
Hand in Hand John 14:12
“Ouch” John 15:1
Abide John 15:16
Worth The Trouble John 17:21
Which Way Is North? John 18:37
FOOD Friday – It Is Finished John 19:30
Attention To Detail John 19:30
Believe 53 John 19:30
I Doubt It John 20:20



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