hand of god


First book of the New Testament and one of the four gospels chronicling the life and ministry of Jesus. This one is mainly written to a Jewish audience and emphasizes Jesus' fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah.

Fullness of Time

Matthew 1:1

His Gift

Matthew 2:11

Slaughter of the Innocents

Matthew 2:16

Always Start At The Beginning

Matthew 3:2

The Bigger Plan

Matthew 3:7

Don't You Have To Repent?

Matthew 3:8

Say It Like You Mean It

Matthew 3:17

Away With You Satan!

Matthew 4:10

Visit the Desert

Matthew 4:17

The Unlock Code

Matthew 4:19

Hand in Hand

Matthew 4:23

As Unto Him

Matthew 4:46

From Rags To Riches

Matthew 5

The Great Exchange

Matthew 5:3

Power of a Nobody

Matthew 5:5


Matthew 5:13

In Such A Way

Matthew 5:16

His Image

Matthew 5:22

Love My Enemies

Matthew 5:44

Easy To Love

Matthew 5:46

Tooting Our Own Horn

Matthew 6:1

Pray In Vain?

Matthew 6:7

Testing God

Matthew 6:21

Delivering Light

Matthew 6:23


Matthew 6:33

Selling Futures

Matthew 6:34

Today's Troubles

Matthew 6:34

Trump Card

Matthew 6:34

Rare Spice-Rare Walk

Matthew 7:13

Fruit Inspection

Matthew 7:15

When Competency Fails

Matthew 8:25

Pre-qualified For Christianity?

Matthew 9:13

Keep Your Gifts For Yourself

Matthew 10:8

The Basement

Matthew 10:26

The "Leasts"

Matthew 11:11

Push Back!

Matthew 11:12

How Violent Are You?

Matthew 11:12

Who Escaped the Tsunami?

Matthew 11:15

Get It Off Your Chest

Matthew 11:29

Acting the Part?

Matthew 12:35

Careless Word

Matthew 12:36

Weed Patch

Matthew 13:29

Follow His Footsteps

Matthew 14:31

Push Comes To Shove

Matthew 15:22

Are You a Rock?

Matthew 16:18

Something for Nothing

Matthew 16:24

Don't Stumble

Matthew 18:6

Being on Auto Pilot

Matthew 22:37

What Are You Feeding?

Matthew 22:37

The Man With The Divided Heart

Matthew 22:37

Can You Hear the Ringing?

Matthew 24:7

Be Ready

Matthew 24:7

The New Normal

Matthew 24:12

Whole Lotta Shakin'

Matthew 24:21

Don't Procrastinate Too Long

Matthew 25:13

The Whole Enchilada

Matthew 25:21

God's Eyes

Matthew 25:23

Count Your Gifts

Matthew 25:26

Quite a Legacy

Matthew 26:7

Watch Out For Straws

Matthew 26:15


Matthew 26:41

Beware of Envy

Matthew 27:18

The Resurrection Is True!

Matthew 28:12

Read You Like a Book

Matthew 28:19