hand of god

More Wake Up Calls

These Wake Up Calls contain great inspiration but don't have a Bible verse. They are arranged alphabetically.

A Different Game Plan

A Possession Past The Grave

Are You a "People Person"?

As you Go...

Being Right

Bible Sound Bytes

Big Red

Blind Spots

Break Through The Crust

Chance Thoughts?

Christmas Is Coming


Don't Let Style Throw You

Don't Make Me

Eating Alone

Eyes Wide Open

Fight For It

Fill Up

Finish Up

Five Minutes

Focus? How?

God Doesn't Mind Hoggie Doggies

Great Mothers-Susanna Wesley

Group Violin

Goodby JP II

Heart of Forgiveness


He's Got Your Song

Hidden Answers

His Passion Was Us

How Big Is Your Funnel?

How Many Marbles In Your Pitcher?

If God Says To, Just Obey

If Only YOU Had Been There

If The Shoe Fits

I'll Be Good

In The Flesh

Is Lent Old Fashioned?

It's In There

It's Our Choice

Keep It Going

Lean In

Let God Decide

Live by Emotions?

Master Builder

Mr. J's Christmas Letter

My Most Thankful Story

No Buts

No Grudges

Old Scottish Ballad

One Small Step

Open Door

Out Of My Comfort Zone


Particularly Blessed

Passion For Freedom

Past The Wire

Perfect Ending

Perfect Gift


Picky Eater

Poor Little Chewy

Practically Speaking


Random Act Of Kindness

Ready to Fly

Register To Vote


Saint Patrick

Selective Sampling



Stand Guard!

Star Power

Stop And Look

Stuffed With Blessings

Sun Spots

Take A Step

Teach Your Children

The Agenda

The Best Miracle

The License Plate Memo

The Master Weaver

Then You Win

The Perfect Sweater

The Spider Web

The Unseen Epidemic

The Valiant Fighter

Time Passes Either Way


True Colors

Virus Protection

Wait till Spring

Watching The Clouds Go By

Week The TV Vacationed In Bimini

What about NOW?

What's Ahead?

Where Is My Friend?

Which Shoe Fits You?

Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Who's Watching You?

Why the "Why"?

Without A Stake

Worth Dying For?

"Yes" Will Come


90% Is Yours