hand of god


One hundred and fifty hymns or songs to God, a great number written by David. Beautiful, emotional, heart wrenching, brutally honest, breathtaking poetry; this is the best place to go in the Bible for comfort and intimacy with the Lord.

The Best Dollar I Ever Spent

Psalm 1

Ask of Me

Psalm 2:8

Get in the Habit

Psalm 5:3

Expect an Answer

Psalm 5:3

Eagerly Watch

Psalm 5:3

Hidden in the Heart

Psalm 10:11

Silence Loud and Clear

Psalm 13:1

A Step Above

Psalm 15:33

Consolation in Times of Trouble

Psalm 16:11

Sky Class

Psalm 19

The Restorer

Psalm 23:3

The Comforting Rod

Psalm 23:4

What's For Dinner?

Psalm 23:5

God's Classroom

Psalm 25:12

The Land of the Living

Psalm 27:13


Psalm 27:13

Healing in Hearing

Psalm 28:7

Light Is Coming

Psalm 30:5

Remember the Morning

Psalm 30:5

God Didn't Cross His Fingers

Psalm 33:6

Certain Comfort

Psalm 34:18

God's Wisdom

Psalm 36

Who's in Charge?

Psalm 37:1

All the Time in the World

Psalm 37:3


Psalm 37:4

Just in Case

Psalm 37:24

Never Forsaken

Psalm 37:25

The Smart Money

Psalm 40:4


Psalm 42:1

Antidote for Despair

Psalm 42:6


Psalm 42:11

Comfort Food

Psalm 46:1

One Task

Psalm 46:10

Shout Victory!

Psalm 47:1

He Owns It All

Psalm 50:10

A Thanksgiving Altar

Psalm 50:14

Master Refinisher

Psalm 51:12

The Pressure Cooker

Psalm 55:2


Psalm 55:16

Grab a Plank

Psalm 55:20

The Hammock

Psalm 55:22


Psalm 56:3

How Big Is Your Bottle?

Psalm 56:8

Safe Beneath His Wings

Psalm 56:9

Begin Again

Psalm 56:9

If Riches Increase

Psalm 62:10

Start Over Again

Psalm 63:1

Watch Your Back

Psalm 64:2

What Do You Have Left?

Psalm 68:19

Thankful for the "Nots"

Psalm 68:19

Grace to Carry

Psalm 68:19

Justice...In the End

Psalm 73:12

If Loneliness Comes Knocking

Psalm 73:25

The Number 13

Psalm 81:9

A Desert Spring

Psalm 84:6

Justice for All

Psalm 89:14

Claim Immunity

Psalm 91:5

Angel on Assignment

Psalm 91:11

Let's Go Deep

Psalm 92:5

Voice of Power

Psalm 93:3

Due For A Comeback

Psalm 95:6

What's New with You?

Psalm 98:1

Perception is reality?

Psalm 100:5

The Open Mind

Psalm 101:3

Say It, Soul!

Psalm 103:1

The Mercy Seat

Psalm 103:12

Weather Roller Coasters

Psalm 103:19

Better Bread

Psalm 105:37

Mighty Descendants

Psalm 112:1

Plastic Idols

Psalm 115:4


Psalm 115:14

Aunt Helen

Psalm 116:15

A Gift for Him

Psalm 116:15

The Recipe Talent

Psalm 119:103

Look Up

Psalm 121:1

When Jesus Comes

Psalm 121:1

Don't Miss This Blessing

Psalm 122:6

Like Those Who Dream

Psalm 126:1

House of Cards

Psalm 127:1


Psalm 127:2

Nighttime Hours

Psalm 127:2

Do Less

Psalm 131:2

Someone is Watching

Psalm 138:1

I'd Rather Be Lowly

Psalm 138:6

Sore Soul

Psalm 138:7

What Concerns Me

Psalm 138:7

What Are You Expecting?

Psalm 138:8

Whose Dream?

Psalm 138:8

The Hand I've Been Dealt

Psalm 138:8

Break Open the Silence

Psalm 139:13

Return the Favor

Psalm 139:15

Slow Poisoning

Psalm 140:2

Empty Nest

Psalm 144:4


Psalm 145:9

Open Hand

Psalm 145:9


Psalm 145:16


Psalm 145:16

Only God

Psalm 145:16

Begin with Thanks

Psalm 147:1


Psalm 147:3

Starry Night

Psalm 147:4

Blessings for Granted

Psalm 150:2