Sharing Your Dreams

Straight Talk

The Question

Does God want us to reveal our dreams to just anybody? Should we be particular about who we reveal them to?

SP from Wilson, NC

The Answer
Part 1: The Wise Dreamer

The Wise Dreamer (Part 1)

Sharing dreams is fun and I remember that when I was a child we often told our dreams around the breakfast table before we left for school. At that time we didn’t necessarily think they meant anything such as a message from God. Probably most of them didn’t but it was good exercise to recall our dreams and laugh with each other over some of the more bizarre ones.

I don’t think you are asking about those 90% of common dreams though, are you? You are speaking about those uncommon dreams that are particularly vibrant where you wake and sense that they are from God. Of course, if the dream came from God, you want to know what he meant by it. Since dreams are usually filled with symbols, how do you interpret them?

Usually I would not see a problem in sharing dreams but there can be cases where it is not wise. One such event is spoken of in scripture. After the wise men came and worshipped the infant Jesus they were supposed to return to Herod and tell him where to find the child. They didn’t realize he was intending on killing the baby Jesus. Instead; “And having been warned by God in a dream not to return to Herod, they departed for their own country by another way.” (Matthew 2:12)

Therefore, be careful if a dream seems to give you specific warning or instruction about the way to handle it or who to tell or not tell. That warning aside, I suggest being more careful about receiving the interpretation of your dream. Tell anyone you like but realize that not all opinions are equal.

Dream interpretation is an art, not a science. A typical symbol cannot always be interpreted the same way. That is why, the emotions associated with a dream are often more important than the events or symbols in the dream itself. It is YOU who felt those emotions in your own dream and it is you who is best equipped to understand their meaning.

The only other warning I have is that you not make important life decisions based on someone else’s interpretation of your dream. What if they are wrong? It would be a terrible thing to have to suffer consequences due to another person’s lack of wisdom. In fact, that would be lack of wisdom on your part.

And now…dream on…