Meet the Master

His name is Jesus Christ …

This section of Hannah’s Cupboard offers information about:

Y’shua (in Hebrew) but as you read through the Bible you will find well over 200 names that refer to him. He is called,

to mention just a few. (More names of God and meanings can be studied here.) He is a man for all seasons and for all times. Not just a man; he is also fully and completely God. He existed before the worlds were formed; in fact he created them. The scripture says, “Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made.” That is found in John’s gospel, chapter 1, verse 3.

God knew it would be hard for us to relate to him as a pure spirit so he came in the flesh in the person of Jesus Christ. No matter what he calls himself or what others call him or say about him, the main question is this: who is he to you? That’s what you can begin to explore in this part of the cupboard. God often reveals his character and nature through his names. Choose from the names that express what you need to know about him. I pray your discoveries will be sweet indeed.