Vision for Hannah’s Cupboard

LardinaisBarbara010_1.jpgIt is my deep desire that people connect with God in a real way that transforms their life. Whenever I see it happen I realize there is nothing quite so satisfying. That must be the same way God feels too.

Yet, even as God is always reaching out to each of us there are many reasons why people just don’t “get it.” My hope is that Hannah’s Cupboard is a connector God uses for those seeking Him — those just waiting for the light to go on.

My strategy:

Introduce God in a personal way, because that’s how He wants us to know Him.
Give practical Bible Study so we can actually apply God’s Word to our real life.
Present relevant teaching on prayer and the Bible that encourages daily connection to Jesus Christ and challenges us to become radical disciples.
Inspire growth in God with articles that are down to earth and spiced with wisdom.
Answer real spiritual questions, hard or foolish, especially if there is nowhere else to go for some straight talk.