New Life in Christ


So you have met the Master. You have made Jesus Christ Lord and Savior of your life. That is your first and biggest step. Now what?

In the Bible Jesus tells a Parable (a story with a spiritual point) about a sower who went out to sow seed. The seed represents God’s word and Jesus tells the different results that come to the seed depending on where it falls.(See Luke 8:5-8)I remember coming across this scripture in my Bible soon after I made the decision you have just made. I saw that some of the seed fell on good ground and that is the seed that produced a hundredfold crop. I remember praying very fervently: “Lord make ME the good ground where your seed falls. I want to produce the BIG hundredfold crop in my life!” And that is what I pray for you right now; I hope you will also want the most fruit for yourself-every single blessing and joy God has for you. I can tell you for sure that is what He wants for you.

The decisions you make in the beginning of your walk with the Lord lay the foundation for your whole life and help you to stay clear of bad soil that has thorns and rocks and wayside places where you can be devoured. By the way, don’t doubt your decision. If you asked Jesus to come into your heart, that’s were he is right this minute. Now let us begin to explore how you can make your life the “good ground.”

Communion with God – Prayer

The most important starting place is that place in your heart where you have communion with God called prayer. Prayer is nothing more than talking to God and you need to do it daily. If you have ever been in love you know how you want to talk to that person all the time; spend as much time with them as you can. That’s how God feels about his relationship with us; he is absolutely crazy about spending time with us and he is available and eager 24/7 to listen and share. You share what is on your heart and as you go along you will also listen to him tell you what is on his heart. It’s a two way street. (For a greater discussion on prayer, go to
The Prayer Closet.)

You can talk to God anywhere, anytime. While you are driving. Taking a shower. Sipping some tea or doing the laundry. It is also a good idea to have some special time set aside each day to talk everything over with him and ask him for your daily needs. Just be yourself and be honest. No special or fancy language is needed; he isn’t impressed with stilted “thee’s and thou’s.” Tell him how you really feel; he’s the only one in the whole universe who absolutely loves you unconditionally no matter what.

Read the Bible

If you do not have a Bible you need to get hold of one as soon as possible. The Bible is the best selling book of all time and there is a reason for that: God wrote it. It is his own inspired handbook in which he tells us who he is and all about how to make the very most of life. In the Book of John, Chapter 10, verse 10 it says: “I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.”

I suggest a translation of the Bible that is written in modern language that is easy to understand. When Jesus walked the earth, he talked to his disciples and the crowds who followed him around in the popular street language of the day. There are many choices in Bibles so you might want to head out to a Christian book store and ask for some help from a knowledgeable staff person. Make time every day to read God’s Word. Ask the Lord to give you a hunger for his Word and see how your desire to read the Bible grows. Before you start reading, ask for God’s help to understand and then apply what he shows you in his Word.

Would you like to start with some insights to scripture that have helped me? See
Bible Study Topics.

Find a good Church

You will find it immensely helpful to find fellowship with other Christians. God designed the Christian walk to be one of interdependence. In fact, he compares his church to a human body with many parts that are all fit together with himself as the Head. (See 1Corinthians 12:12-27) The Christian church is not so much an organization as it is an organism.

Find a church where they believe that the Bible is the true Word of God and the believers in the church appear to have made the same decision you have. Find a church that is alive and relevant and where the love of God and each other appears to be the priority. You will want a church where the teaching and preaching is deep and powerful and where you feel like you are growing more and more each week you attend. A place you can be excited about and say each Sunday after the service, “Oh I can’t wait for next week when I can come again.”

Many good churches offer small weekly fellowship groups or Bible Studies. It is an opportunity to meet with a smaller group of people who you really get to know well and who care about you personally and will prayer for you. Take full advantage of every ministry and opportunity that the church offers and you will see how fast you will grow. If you are already in a church but it doesn’t seem like what I have described here, talk to the Lord about finding a new church home. Trust him to lead you to the right church for you.

There are many helps in the Christian walk and I hope you will find some additional ones right here in the Cupboard. Wander around and enjoy yourself. As you start your new journey I would love to hear from you and know how you are doing.

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