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Materials from Dream Language, by Jim and Michal Ann Goll, copyright 2006 used by permission of Destiny Image Publishers, 167 Walnut Bottom Road, Shippenshburg, PA 17257 www.destinyimage.com

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ACID – Bitter, offense, carrying a grudge, hatred, sarcasm.

ALLIGATOR – Ancient, evil out of the past (through inherited or personal sin), danger, destruction, evil spirit.

ALTAR – A symbol for sacrifice and for incense.

ANCHOR – Representation of safety and hope.

ARM – Represents God’s power and strength.

ARMOR – A symbol of warfare.

ASHES – Memories, repentance, ruin, destruction.

AUTOMOBILE – Life, person, ministry.

AUTUMN – End, completion, change, repentance.

AXE – Represents warfare and judgment.


BABY – New beginning, new idea, dependent, helpless, innocent, sin.

BALANCE(S) – Represents judgment.

BARN – Symbol for blessings.

BAT – Witchcraft, unstable, flighty, fear.

BEARD – Represents old age and wisdom.

BEAVER – Industrious, busy, diligent, clever, ingenious.

BED – Rest, salvation, meditation, intimacy, peace, covenant (marriage, natural or evil), self-made.

BICYCLE – Works, works of the flesh, legalism, self-righteousness, working out life’s difficulties, messenger.

BIRD – Symbol of spirits, good or evil, see the parable of Jesus on the birds.

BLACK – Symbol of famine and death.

BLOOD – Symbol for sacrifice and for life (life is in the blood).

BLUE – Symbol of Heaven.

BOW – Usually represents judgment.

BREAD – Represents life.

BRICK – Represents slavery and human effort.

BRIDLE – Symbol of restraint, control.

BROTHER-IN-LAW – Partiality or adversary, fellow minister, problem relationship, partner, oneself, natural brother-in-law.

BROWN – Dead (as in plant life), repentant, born again, without spirit.

BULL – Persecution, spiritual warfare, opposition, accusation, slander, threat, economic increase.

BUTTERFLY – Freedom, flighty, fragile, temporary glory.


CAMEL – Represents servanthood, bearing the burden of others.

CANDLE – Symbol of light (Holy Spirit or the spirit of man).

CANDLESTICK – Represents the Church.

CAT – Self-willed, untrainable,predator, unclean spirit, bewitching charm, stealthy, sneaky, deception, self-pity, something precious in the context of a personal pet.

CATERPILLAR – Represents judgment and destructive powers.

CENSER – Symbol of intercession and worship

CHAIN – Symbol of binding, oppression, punishment.

CHICKEN – Fear, cowardliness; hen can be protection, gossip, motherhood; rooster can be boasting, bragging, proud; chick can be defenseless, innocent.

CIRCLE – Symbol of eternity.

CITY – Symbol of security, safety, permanency, (cities of refuge).

CLOUD & FIERY PILLAR – Represents Divine presence, covering and guidance.

COLT – Represents bearing burden of others or could be a portrayal of stubbornness.

CORN (Oil and Wine) – Represents blessings of God.

CROW (raven) – Confusion, outspoken, operating in envy or strife, hateful, direct path, unclean, God’s minister of justice or provision.

CUP – Symbol of life, health, or could represent death and evil.

CYMBAL – Symbol of vibration, praise, worship.


DEER – Graceful, swift, sure-footed, agile, timid.

DESERT – Desolation, temptation, solitude.

DOG – Unbelievers, religious hypocrites.

DOOR – An opening, entrance.

DOVE – Holy Spirit.

DRAGON – Satan.

DREAMING – A message within a message, aspiration, vision.

DROWNING – Overcome,self-pity, depression, grief, sorrow, temptation, excessive debt.

DRUGS – Influence, spell, sorcery, witchcraft, control, legalism, medicine, healing.


EIGHT – New beginnings.

EIGHT-EIGHT-EIGHT – The first resurrection saints.

ELEPHANT – Invincible or thick-skinned, not easily offended, powerful, large.

ELEVATOR – Changing position, going into the spirit realm, elevated, demoted.

ELEVEN – Incompleteness, disorder.

EYE(S) – Omniscience, knowledge, sight, insight, foresight.


FACE – Character, countenance.

FALLING – Unsupported, loss of support (financial, moral, public), trial, succumb, backsliding.

FATHER – Authority, God, author, originator, source, inheritance, tradition, custom, Satan, natural father.

FATHER-IN-LAW – Law, authoritative relationship based on law, legalism, problem authoritative relationship, natural father-in-law.

FEATHERS – Covering, protection.

FEET – Heart, walk, way, thoughts (meditation), offense, stubborn (unmovable), rebellion (kicking), sin.

FIFTY – Symbol of liberty, freedom, Pentecost.

FIG – Relates to Israel as a nation.

FIG LEAVES – Self-atonement, self-made coverings.

FINGER – Feeling, sensitivity, discernment, conviction, works, accusation (as in pointing a finger), instruction.

FIRE – Presence of God, Holiness of God, purifying, testing.

FIVE – God’s grace to man, responsibility of man.

FISH – Souls of men.

FLIES – Evil spirits,filth of satan’s kingdom. Beelzebub – “Lord of the flies.”

FLOOD – Judgment on sin and violence (The flood from Noah’s time).

FLOWER – Fading glory of man.

FOREST – Symbol of nations.

FORTRESS – protection, a stronghold.

FORTY – Symbol of testing, trial, closing in victory or defeat (Israel in Wilderness and Jesus on the desert).

FORTY-TWO – Israel’s oppression, the Lord’s advent to the earth.

FORTY-FIVE – Preservation.

FOUNTAIN – Source of life, refreshing.

FOUR – Represents worldwide, universal (as in 4 corners of the earth).

FOURTEEN – Passover, time of testing.

FOX – Cunning, evil men.

FRIEND – Self, the character or circumstance of one’s friend reveals something about oneself; sometimes one friend represents another (look for the same name, initials, hair color); sometimes represents actual friend.

FROG – Demons, unclean spirits.


GARDEN – Growth and fertility.

GATE – A way of entrance, power, authority.

GOLD – Kingship, kingdom glory, God or gods.

GRANDCHILD – Heir, oneself, inherited blessing or iniquity, one’s spiritual legacy, actual grandchild.

GRANDPARENT – past,spiritual inheritance (good or evil), actual grandparent.

GRAPES – Fruit of the vine, cup of the Lord.

GRASS – Frailty of the flesh.

GRASSHOPPER – Destruction

GREEN – Prosperity, growth, life.


HAMMER – Word of God.

HAND – Symbol of strength, power, action, possession.

HARP – Praise, worship to God.

HEAD – Authority, thoughts, mind.

HEART – Emotions, motivation, desires.

HELMET – Protection for thoughts, mind.

HEN – One who gathers, protects.

HILLS – Elevation, high, loftiness.

HORN – Power, strength, defense.

HORSE – Power, strength, conquest.

HOUSE – Home, dwelling place, the Church.


INCENSE – Prayer, intercessions and worship.


JEWELS – People of God


KEY – Authority, power to bind or loose, lock or unlock.

KISS – Agreement, covenant, enticement, betrayal, covenant breaker, deception, seduction, friend.

KNEE – Reverence, humility.


LADDER – Christ connecting Heaven and earth.

LAMB – Humility, the Church, Christ.

LEAD – Weight, wickedness, sin, burden, judgment, fool, foolishness.

LEAF – Life amidst prosperity.

LEGS – Man’s walk, man’s strength.

LEOPARD – Swiftness, usually associated with vengeance.

LILIES – Beauty, majesty.

LION -Royalty and Kingship bravery, confidence.

LIPS – Witness.


MECHANIC – Minister,Christ, prophet, pastor, counselor.

MICE – Devourer, curse, plague, timid.

MILD – Foundational truth, nourishment.

MIRROR – God’s Word or one’s heart, looking at oneself, looking back, memory, past, vanity.

MISCARRIAGE – Abort, failure, loss, repentance, unjust judgment.

MONEY – Power, provision, wealth, natural talents and skills, spiritual riches, power, authority, trust in human strength, covetousness.

MONKEY – Foolishness, clinging, mischief, dishonesty, addiction.

MOON – Symbol of light in darkness, sign of the Son of Man.

MOTH – Symbol of destruction.

MOTHER – Source, Church, love, kindness, spiritual or natural mother.

MOTHER-IN-LAW – Legalism, meddler, trouble, natural mother-in-law.

MOUNTAIN – Kingdoms, dignity, permanence.

MOUTH – Witness, good or evil.


NAIL – Security, establish.

NECK – Force, loveliness, or inflexibility, meekness, rebellion.

NEST – Home, place to dwell.

NET – Symbol of a catcher as in the parables, catching men.

NINE – Judgment, finality.

NINETEEN – Barren, ashamed, repentant, selflessness, without self-righteousness; faith.

NOSE – Breath, discernment.

NUDITY – Uncovered or flesh, self-justification, self-righteousness, impure, ashamed, stubborn, temptation, lust, sexual control, exhibitionism, truth, honest, nature.


OIL – Holy Spirit, anointing.

ONE – God as a unity and as a source, new beginnings.

ONE HUNDRED – Fullness, full measure, full recompense, full reward; God’s election of grace, children of promise.

ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN – The resurrection day; Lord’s day.

ONE HUNDRED TWENTY – End of all flesh, beginning of life in the Spirit; divine period of probation.

ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR – God’s ultimate in creation.

ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THREE – Revival, ingathering, final harvest of souls.

ORANGE – Danger, great jeopardy, harm; a common color combination is orange and black, which usually signifies great evil or danger; bright or fire orange can be power, force, energy.

ONE THOUSAND – Maturity, full stature, mature service, mature judgment; divine completeness and the glory of God.

OVEN – Testing, or judgment.


PALACE – heaven, royalty.

PALM TREE – Victory, worship.

PASTURE – Places of spiritual nourishment.

PEARL – Spiritual truth.

PEN/PENCIL – Tongue, indelible words, covenant, agreement, contract, vow, publish, record, permanent, unforgettable, gossip.

PIG – Ignorance, hypocrisy, religious unbelievers, unclean people, selfish, gluttonous, vicious, vengeful.

PILLAR – Strength, steadfastness, assistance.

PINK – Flesh, sensual, immoral, moral (as in a heart of flesh); chaste, a female infant.

PIT – Prison, oppression.

PLUMBLINE – Standards of God, measuring of a life.

PLOW – Breaking new ground.

PREGNANCY – In process, sin or righteousness in process, desire, anticipation, expectancy.

PUMPKIN – Witchcraft, deception, snare, witch, trick.

PURPLE – Royalty, wealth, prosperity


RABBIT – Increase, fast growth, multiplication; hare can be satan or his evil spirits.

RACCOON – Mischief, night raider, rascal, thief, bandit, deceitful.

RAIN – Blessing, God’s Word and revival.

RAINBOW – Covenant.

RAM – Sacrifice.

RAVEN – Evil, satan.

RED – Suffering, sacrifice or sin.

RINGS – Revival, refreshing.

RIVER – Revival, refreshing.

ROACH – Infestation, unclean spirits, hidden sin.

ROBE – Covering, royalty.

ROCK – Christ our rock, stability.

ROD – Rule, correction, guidance.

ROOF – Covering, oversight.

ROOT – Spiritual source, offspring.

ROPE – Binding, bondage.

ROSE – Christ and His Church.

RUBIES – Value, worth, significance.


SALT – Incorruptibility, preserve from corruption, covenant.

SAND – Similar to seed, generations.

SAPPHIRE – Beauty, value.

SCORPION – Evil spirits, evil men; pinch of pain.

SEA – Wicked nations.

SERPENT – Satan and evil spirits.

SEVEN – Completeness, perfection.

SEVENTEEN – Spiritual order, incomplete, immature, undeveloped, childish, victory.

SEVENTY – Number of increase, perfected ministry.

SHEEP – Chant, the people of God, innocent.

SHIELD – Sign of protection.

SHOE – Sign of walking, protection for your walk.

SHOULDER – Bearing the burden of another, authority, rulership.

SISTER – Spiritual sister, Church, self, natural sister.

SIX-SIX-SIX – Sign of the Mark of the Beast, Antichrist.

SIXTEEN – Free-spirited, without boundaries, without law, without sin, salvation; love.

SIXTY – Pride.

SIXTY-SIX – Idol worship.

SIX HUNDRED – Warfare.

SKINS – Covering.

SMOKE – Blinding power.

SNOW – Spotlessness, radiance.

SPARROW – Small value but precious.

SPRING – New beginning, revival, fresh start, renewal, regeneration, salvation, refreshing.

STARS – Israel, generations.

STEPS – Signs of spiritual progress.

STONE – Might, permanence.

STORMS – Misfortune, difficulty, trials.

SUMMER – Harvest, opportunity, trial, heat of affliction.

SUN – Glory, brightness, light, Christ.

SWORD – Scriptures, Christ


TEETH – Consuming power.

TEN – Law and order.

TENT – A temporary covering, not a permanent home.

TIGER – Danger, powerful minister (both good and evil).

TIN – Dross, waste, worthless, cheap, purification.

THIRTEEN – Sign of rebellion, backsliding, apostasy.

THIRTY – Maturity for ministry.

THIRTY-TWO – Covenant.


THIRTY-FOUR – Naming of a son.



THIRTY-SEVEN – The Word of God.


THIRTY-NINE – Disease.

THREE-HUNDRED – Faithful remnant (Gideon’s army).

TONGUE – Language, speech.

TRAIN – Continuous, unceasing work, connected, fast, Church.

TRAP – Snare, danger, trick.

TREES – Nations, individuals, the Church.

TUNNEL – Passage, transition, way of escape, troubling experience, trial, hope.

TWELVE – Divine government, apostolic government.

TWENTY-ONE – Exceeding sinfulness, of sin.

TWENTY-FOUR – Symbol of Priesthood courses and order.



TWENTY-FIVE – The forgiveness of sins.

TWENTY-SIX – The gospel of Christ.

TWENTY-SEVEN – Preaching of the Gospel.

TWENTY-EITHT – Eternal life.

TWENTY-NINE – Departure.

TWO – Sign for witness, testimony, or unity.

TWO HUNDRED – Insufficiency.


VAN – Family (natural or Church), family ministry, fellowship.

VINE – Symbol for Israel, Christ and His Church.

VULTURE – Sign of uncleanness and devourer.


WALL– Fortification, division, refuge.

WATCH – Prophetic, intercession, being on guard.

WATERS – Nations of earth; agitation, under-currents, cross-currents.

WELL – Places of refreshment, source of water of life.

WHEEL – Transport, a circle, speed, spiritual activity.

WINTER – Barren, death, dormant, waiting, cold, unfriendly.

WHIRLWIND – Hurricane, sweeping power, unable to resist.

WIND – Breath of life, power of God.

WINDOW – Blessings of Heaven, openness.

WINE – Holy Spirit.

WINE-SKIN – Spiritual structure.

WINGS – Protection, spiritual transport.

WOLF – Satan and evil, false ministries, and teachers.

WOMAN – Church, virgin or harlot.

WOOD – humanity.

WRESTLING – Striving, deliverance, resistance, persistence, trial, tribulation, spirit attempting to gain control.


YELLOW – Gift, marriage, family, honor, deceitful gift, timidity, fear, cowardliness.

YOKE – Servitude, slavery, or fellowship.


EAST – Beginning: Law (therefore blessed or cursed); birth; first Genesis 11:2; Job 38:24.

FRONT – Future or Now: (As in FRONT YARD); In the presence of; prophecy; immediate; current. Genesis 6:11; Revelation 1:19.

NORTH – Spiritual: Judgment; heaven; spiritual warfare (as in “taking your inheritance”). Proverbs 25:23; Jeremiah 1:13-14.

LEFT – Spiritual: Weakness (of man), and therefore God’s strength or ability; rejected. (Left Turn = spiritual change). Judges 3:20-21; 2 Corinthians 12:9-10.

SOUTH – Natural: Sin; world; temptation; trial; flesh; corruption; deception. Joshua 10:40; Job 37:9)

RIGHT – Natural: Authority; power; the strength of man (flesh) or the power of God revealed through man; accepted. (Right Turn = natural change). Matthew 5:29a, 30a; 1 Peter 3:22.

WEST – End: Grace; death; last; conformed. Exodus 10:19; Luke 12:54.

BACK – Past: As in BACKYARD or BACKDOOR. Previous event or experience (good or evil); that which is behind (in time-for example, past sins or the sins of forefathers); unaware; unsuspecting; hidden; memory. Genesis 22:13; Joshua 8:4.


BABY – New: Beginning; work; idea; the Church; sin; innocent; dependant; helpless; natural baby. 1 Corinthians 3:1; Isaiah 43:19.

CARPENTER – Builder: Preacher; evangelist; laborer (good or evil); Christ. 2 Kings 22:6; Isaiah 41:7

DOCTOR – Healer: Christ; preacher; authority; medical doctor, when naturally interpreted. Mark 2:17; 2 Chronicles 16:12.

DRUNK – Influenced: Under a spell (i.e., under the influence of the Holy Spirit or a demon’s spirit); controlled;fool; stubborn; rebellious; witchcraft. Ephesians 5:18; Proverbs 14:16

EMPLOYER – Servants: pastor, Christ; satan; actual employer, when naturally interpreted. Colossians 3:22; 2 Peter 2:19.

GIANT – Strongman: Stronghold, challenge; obstacle; trouble. Numbers 13:32-33.

INDIAN – First: Flesh (as in “the old man”)’ firstborn; chief; fierce; savvy; native. Colossians 3:9; Genesis 49:3.

POLICE – Authority: Natural (civil) or spiritual authority (pastors, etc.), good or evil; protection; angels or demons; an enforcer of a curse of the Law. Romans 13:1; Luke 12:11.


AIRPLANE – Person or work; The Church; ministry; oversight (Soaring=Moved by the Spirit). Habakkuk 1:8; Judges 13:25.

JET – Ministry or Minister: Powerful; fast. (Passenger jet = Church; Fighter = Individual person). Genesis 41:43; 2 Kings 10:16.

AUTOMOBILE – Life: Person; ministry (New car = New ministry or New way of life). Genesis 41:43; 2 Kings 10:16.

AUTO WRECK – Strife: Contention; conflict, calamity; mistake or sin in ministry (as in “failure to maintain right-of-way”). Nahum 2:4. BICYCLE – Works: Works of the flesh (not of faith); self-righteousness; messenger. Galatians 5:4; Galatians 5:19.

BOAT – Church or personal ministry: (Sailboat = moved by the Spirit; Powerboat = powerful or fast progress) Genesis 6:16; 1 Timothy 1:19. BRAKES – Stop: Hindrance; resist; wait. Acts 16:6-7; 2 Peter 2:14.

HELICOPTOR – Ministry: Personal; individual; the Church; versatile; stationary (when unmoving). 2 Timothy 4:2; Romans 8:14.

MOTORCYCLE – Individual: Personal ministry; independent; rebellion; selfish; pride; swift progress. 2 Peter 2:10; 1 Samuel 15:23.

PICKUP TRUCK – Work: Personal ministry or natural work. 1 Chronicles 13:7; Galatians 6:5.

REARVIEW MIRROR – Word: (Driving backward using the rearview mirror = operating by the letter of the Word instead of by God’s Spirit); legalistic; looking back; 2 Corinthians 3:6; Genesis 19:26.

RAFT – Adrift: Without direction; aimless; powerless. Ephesians 4:14>

TRACTOR – Powerful work: Slow but powerful ministry. Acts 1:8; Acts 4:33.

TRACTOR-TRAILOR – Large burden: Ministry; powerful and/or large work (truck size is often in proportion to the burden or size of the work).


ANKLES – Faith: Weak ankles = weak faith; unsupported; undependable. Ezekiel 47:3.

ARM – Strength or weakness: Savior; deliverer; helper; aid; reaching out. Isaiah 52:10; Psalm 136:12.

BANK – Secure: Church; dependable; safe; saved; sure (as in “you can bank on it”); reserved in Heaven. Luke 19:23; Matthew 6:20.

BINOCULARS – Insight: Understanding; prophetic vision; future event. John 16:13; 2 Corinthians 3:13, 16.

BLEEDING – Wounded: Hurt, naturally or emotionally; dying spiritually; offended; gossip; unclean. Psalm 147:3; Proverbs 18:8.

BLOOD TRANSFUSION – Change: Regeneration; salvation; deliverance. Titus 3:5; Romans 12:2.

BRIDGE– Faith: Trial; way; joined. Genesis 32:22; 1 Corinthians 10:13.

BUTTER – Works: Doing (or not doing) the Word or will of God; deceptive motives; words; smooth. Psalm 55:21; Proverbs 30:33.

CALENDAR – Time: Date: event; appointment. Hosea 6:11.

CARDS – Facts: Honesty (as in “putting all your cards on the table”); truth; expose or reveal; dishonest; cheat; deceitful. Romans 12:17.

CARNIVAL – Worldly: Exhibitionism; divination; competition. Acts 16:16; Luke 21:34. CHAIR – Position: Seat of authority; rest. Esther 3:1; Revelations 13:2.

CHECK – Faith: The currency of the Kingdom of God; provision; trust. Hebrews 11:1; Mark 4:40.

CHOKING – Hinder: Stumbling over something (as in “that’s too much to swallow”); hatred or anger (as in “I could choke him!”) Mark 4:19.

CHRISTMAS– Gift: Season of rejoicing; spiritual gifts; a surprise; good will. Luke 11:13; 1 Corinthians 14:1.

CLOSET – Private: Personal, prayer; secret sin; hidden. Matthew 6:6; Luke 8:17.

COFFEE – Bitter or Stimulant: Repentance; reaping what one has sown; desire for revenge (bitter envying). Number 9:11; Job 13:26.

DITCH – Habit: Religious tradition; addition; lust; passion. Matthew 15:14; Psalm 7:15.

DOMINOES – Continuous: Chain reaction. Leviticus 26:37.

EARTHQUAKE– Upheaval: change (by crisis), repentance; trial; God’s judgment; disaster; trauma. Acts 16:26; Isaiah 29:6.

ECHO– Repetition: Gossip, accusation; voice of many; mocking. Luke 23:21.

EGG – Idea: new thought; plan; promise; potential. Luke 11:12; 1 Timothy 4:15.

FENCE – Barrier: Boundaries; obstacles; religious traditions; doctrines; inhibitions. Genesis 11:6; Jeremiah 15:20.

GARBAGE (DUMP) – Rejected: Hell; evil; vile; corruption. Mark 9:47-48; 1 Corinthians 9:27.

MOWED GRASS – Chastisement: Sickness; financial need or distress; emotional and mental depression or anguish. Amos 7:1-2; 1 Corinthians 11:30-32.

GRAVEYARD – Hidden: Past; curse; evil inheritance; hypocrisy; demon. Matthew 23:27; Luke 11:44.

GRAVEL PIT – Source: The Word of God; abundant supply. Deuteronomy 8:9; 2 Timothy 2:15.

MUDDY ROAD – Flesh: Man’s way; lust; passion; temptation; difficulty caused by the weakness of the flesh. Psalm 69:2; Isaiah 57:20.

IRONING – Correction: Change; sanctification; exhorting; teaching righteousness; God’s discipline; pressure (from trials). Ephesians 5:27.

LADDER – Ascend or descend: Escape; enable; way; steps. Genesis 28:12-13; John 3:13.

LIPS – Words: Seduction; speech. Proverbs 7:21; Proverbs 10:19.

MAP – Directions: Word of God; correction; advice. Proverbs 6:23.

MICROPHONE – Voice: Authority; ministry; influence. Matthew 10:27.

MIRROR – Word or one’s heart: God’s Word; looking back; memory, past; vanity; Moses’ Law. 1 Corinthians 13:12; Proverbs 27:19.

NEWSPAPER– Announcement: Important event; public exposure; news; gossip. Luke 8:17.

OVEN – Heart: heat of passion; imagination; meditation; judgment. Hosea 7:6; Psalm 21:9.

PAINT BRUSH – Covering: (house painter’s brush: regeneration: remodel, renovate; love. Artist’s Paint Brush: Illustrative; eloquent; humorous; articulate.) 1 Peter 4:8; Titus 3:5.

PARACHUTING– Leave: Bail out; escape; flee; saved. 2 Corinthians 6:17.

PERFUME – Seduction: Enticement; temptation; persuasion; deception. Proverbs 7:7, 10, 13; Ecclesiastes 10:1.

PIE – Whole: Business endeavors; part of the action. Luke 12:13.

PLAY – Worship: Idolatry; covetousness; true worship; spiritual warfare; strife; competition. Colossians 3:5; 1 Corinthians 9:24.

POSTAGE STAMP – Seal: Authority; authorizations; small or seemingly insignificant, but powerful. Esther 8:8; John 6:27.

POT/PAN/BOWL – Vessel: Doctrine; traditions; a determination or resolve; form of the truth; a person. Romans 2:20; Jeremiah 1:13.

RADIO – Unchangeable: Unbelief; unrelenting; contentious; unceasing; tradition. Proverbs 27:15.

RAILROAD TRACK – Tradition: Unchanging; habit; stubborn; gospel. Mark 7:9, 13; Colossians 2:8.

RAPE – Violation: Abuse of authority; hate; desire for revenge; murder. 2 Samuel 13:12, 14-15; Deuteronomy 22:25-26.

REFRIGERATOR – Heart: Motive; attitude; stored in heart; harbor. Matthew 12:35; Mark 7:21-22.

ROCKING CHAIR – Old: Past, memories; medication; retirement; rest. Jeremiah 6:16.

ROLLER COASTER – Unstable: emotional instability; unfaithfulness; wavering; manic-depressive; depression; trials; excitement. Isaiah 40:4; James 1:6-8.

ROLLER SKATES– Speed: Fast; swift advancement or progress. Romans 9:28.

ROUND (shape) – Spiritual: (A round face, ring, building, etc.) Grace; mercy; compassion; forgiveness. Leviticus 19:27.

SEA COAST – Boundary: Flesh (which contains and limits the spirit of man); limitations; weights. Jeremiah 5:22; Jeremiah 47:6-7.

SHOVEL – Tongue: Prayer; confession; slander; dig; search; inquire. 2 Kings 3:16-17; Deuteronomy 23:13.


  1. Terri Stokes

    What could a brace on the right wrist mean?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Remember that a dream must always be interpreted within the context of the dreamer’s life. So we can just say it means this or that without knowing more.

    • Darcell

      Well let’s think about this, your wrist enables you hands to move freely, but with a brace on the wrist it brings forth limitations on the work of your hand. I believe and could be wrong, but I believe it represent the enemy trying to put limitation and bind you in an area of your life. And also the right hand is said to represent power

  2. Jennifer

    What does dreaming of talking with Jesus mean?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Wouldn’t it simply mean you desire to talk with Him? Nothing really complicated here. Of course you can talk with Him. He desires to be known by you.

  3. Ji

    Are these meanings of symbols can be applied or be used for seeing visions too? Thank you so much!

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Generally yes, but remember that symbols must always be interpreted within the context of the person’s life and circumstances.

    • Angie

      I had a dream I was swimming in a pool but the water in the shallow part was thick and the water in the deep part was easy to swim in?

      • Barbara Lardinais

        One easy way to think about this dream is to ask yourself if there is some area of your life where what would seem hard is actually easy and what would seem easy is actually hard. If something comes to mind, jump in the deep end. God may be letting you know the swimming in there will be easier than the shallow waters.

  4. Susan Barr

    I have had a recurring dream the past three nights. Traveling west on a familiar road in a car. The first night I was alone and on the right side of the road people were lined up about 4 abreast. There were orange cones and no signs other than that. There were maybe 100 people. I slowed as I approached and passed without incident. The next night I was with one of my sons and came upon the same gathering of people, we passed with no incident. Last night my deceased father was driving the car headed east in opposite direction and was going fast . As he passed some were knocked over but he kept driving to a stop sign ahead. Then he made a right turn and I awoke.

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Very interesting dream and since it occurred three nights in a row I believe you should pay attention to it. Since I don’t know you it’s hard to apply an interpretation. But ask yourself a lot of questions, especially about why your dad shows up in the dream on its third run. Are you approaching a situation in life right now where your dad would go in the opposite direction? Would he go fast to a decision where you are going slow? Are people on the sidelines affecting your decision or your speed in making it? Is your dad someone you respected and admired? Do you sense he would be more sure of himself than you are for whatever situation this is about? These are some things to ponder.

  5. Tracy

    I dreamt of happy circle face clouds
    What does this mean?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Dreams must always be interpreted within the context of the dreamer’s life. Are things up and happy for you right now? You might look no further than that for your meaning.

  6. Keum Byars

    I had a dream that I picked up a newspaper and a lady from current job was announced the hot sauce queen of Louisiana. What does newspaper mean?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Think about what a newspaper usually means and then think about any special significance it has for you. This may simply be a random dream in which an announcement was being made and a “newspaper” was the thing your mind picked to use since newspapers produce news as their primary function.

  7. Anne

    What do owls usually mean?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Traditionally owls symbolize wisdom, seeking education, and being keen observers. We often say “wise as an owl”.

  8. Tiffany

    I had a dream that when I opened the door to leave my place of employment, it was extremely windy and raining outside. I remember thinking to myself in the dream that my family is going to be very worried about me making it home safely. What could this dream possibly mean?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Are you contemplating a change of employment or do you feel one is coming? If so, do you have a sense of anxiety about what that change will bring? And how you and all your family will view it? Think about what area of your life feels a little unsafe, and think about whether your dream is working that through.

  9. Godsadopted

    Had a dream where I saw a well very deep a lot of people were around it trying to fetch water from it but was unable to, they were all tired and weary I was watching them from a distance then suddenly I moved close took the rope from one of them was able to fetch the clean water and all of them drank and were satisfied then I woke up.

    • Barbara Lardinais

      How does this dream fit into the context of your life right now? Is there an area where others are failing to reach something, and yet you have the ability to do so? From a spiritual perspective, do you have an insight on “getting the water from a deep well” where others don’t? Do you have a deep desire to help those who seem unable to get something deep from God? Think along those lines and I’m sure the dream will become more clear. Plus, write it down and submit it to the Lord.

  10. Angela Merici

    What a blessing.

  11. Beulah

    I dreamt I was back home in my mother’s shop (appeared bigger in the dream) and look more like a dressing room as opposed to a supermarket (what it is in real life). I was going somewhere but I didn’t feel like I was well dressed. Decided to dress properly and then missed a ride, but was somewhat happy because i said to myself that my friend’s boyfriend who drove was on drugs.
    I changed into a gown, and asked another friend(current colleague at work) to help zip it up at the back.
    She was very reluctant saying it wasn’t my size.
    I insisted and When she finally did, it was a perfect size and looked so gorgeous on me.
    I was surprisingly pleased to see it through the mirror. It was a gorgeous flowing golden gown!
    I woke up.

    Any leads on what this might mean please?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      To be honest, this simply seems like one of those more than 95% of dreams that are randomly put together in our dream world which process our life or something in it. Usually it just means that various events in your life, or snippets, are stringing together randomly and don’t hold any particular meaning. I normally call these bread and butter dreams–not really important except for the dream process itself.

  12. Nicky

    Hi Barbara- thank you for your website. I’ve been referring to it for years now. For about 4 years I’ve had off/on dreams about getting married. In each dream I’m rushing to get ready. Either my hair isn’t done or my legs aren’t shaved or the venue isn’t ready. Sometimes there’s someone to help me, other times I’m struggling to get it together myself. I never know who I’m marrying. It’s never clear. I’ve dated off and on but no one I considered getting married to. Each dream leaves me feeling the same way- anxious. It’s probably a no brainer and it’s led me to think I’m just not ready yet, but wanted to know your thoughts.

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Do you feel anxious about the fact that you aren’t married yet? If so, that may be playing out in your dream world. Perhaps you wonder what is wrong that you haven’t met the right one yet? That would be normal if you desire to marry at some point. I would not put more into it than that. If and when you do marry, the dreams will surely end. Regardless of how long you wait, it is always worth it to wait for the right one–it save a lot of heartache.

      • Nicky

        Thank you Babara. May your days be always fruitful in Jesus Name.

      • Sandy M

        I had a dream last night of being on an airplane turning into a highway. Once in the highway the road we were to take was under construction, and every exit we tried was also under construction. It was a disaster at every turn. I prayed psalm 91 over the passengers because the plane was going to crash, and everyone did survive.Then on the way home I was given priority seating since I was in the other plane. All was well for a short time then there was a malfunctioning of the electronic system of the airplane. The plane crashed. Then my alarm went off.

        • Barbara Lardinais

          Here’s something to think about in trying to figure out your dream: in what area of your life do you feel you can’t “take off”? Where do you feel obstacles and danger at every turn? You may be trying to work things out in your dream world. I wouldn’t be surprised if this dream reoccurs.

  13. Jessi

    What would the interpretation be of a dream where I was breastfeeding twin baby girls?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      You have to consider the dream within the context of your life. Breastfeeding is a nourishing activity. Therefore, are you in a nourishing situation for two people/or two things? Is there potential for that in your life right now? Ask yourself these questions and the dream will become more clear. You also need to ask yourself the emotions attached to the dream. That will usually lead you to the right interpretation.

  14. Stacey Hanzal

    I just had a dream that me and my family were on a road trip to the North Dakota to visit my in-laws…they really do live there, and we stopped for a break. I don’t know where we were but from a distance i saw lava bubbling and spewing in several places but I was not afraid. It was all around and then I saw an area where the lave shot in the air …it looked like old faithful. I remember thinking to myself “we’re safe I have nothing to worry about” and I told my husband to come and take a look. All of the sudden it started bursting more and it looked like fire balls/ lava coming from the sky and it all of the sudden shot right towards me. It was now all around us and we started running. At one point a piece of lava that spewed from the sky hit the ground next to me and some splattered on my right arm. I felt the pain and thought to myself “we’re probably going to die” and I was ok with it because there was nothing I could do about it and we would then be in heaven with Jesus. The next thing I knew was we were back in the car on our way to ND. Once we got there I told my mother in law that I got hit by lava.

    • Barbara Lardinais

      What an interesting dream. I would concentrate on the emotions of the dream in relation to where you were and where you were going. Of course ultimately you were going to heaven-if you died in the dream. I would think that would give you a deep assurance because your deepest self trusts in your eternity with Jesus.

  15. Kami

    I have used your dream dictionary for quite a while. I dreamt last night about ants. A woman’s had gobs of ants enter her-but I cannot remember how (not through any typical hole in the body-ears, mouth…) then she (not anyone I knew) opened her mouth and I could see the ants within her but not crawling in her mouth but within the roof of her mouth.

    Any interpretations?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      The emotions in your dream and the context of your life are more important than the specific things that show up in it. Pick around for anything within your life that is going on that this dream might relate to. Think about how you felt about the ants. How fast did the dream fade after you woke up?

  16. Elizabeth

    I have had a dream three nights in a row that I was in a house and there was somebody outside and I was running around the house locking all the doors and windows. In one of the dreams the man was in my car and stole my radio.

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Pay closer attention to recurring dreams. Is there any threat or perceived threat in any area of your life right now? Do you feel unsafe in your house, your neighborhood, your work? I would begin to pray over these dreams and speak prayers of safety. Try Psalm 91, speaking it out for yourself as a prayer, claiming God’s promises in your life.This may have to do with a threat you feel currently under or it may be a warning dream. If it is a warning, prayer can avert it or lessen its impact.

  17. Anusha

    Hi, i would like to share my dream with u. This is one of many dreams i have that i believe are from God.
    I saw that i am looking at myself in the mirror and feel like something is missing. I look closely and find out that my right earring is lost which i wear all the time . I wonder where i had dropped it and i look at the empty hole of my ear. (those earings were actually a gift from my mother in law)
    Can u please help me with the interpretation?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      Okay, so you think this is one of those dreams from God. Why do you think that? That is your starting point to understand your dream. Now think about your “right” ear. What does that mean to you? Is there a place you suspect you are not hearing well spiritually? How does your mother-in-law tie into that? Do you consider her one of those people that keeps you on the straight and narrow in your walk with God? These are questions to ask yourself as you try to interpret the dream. And of course, PRAY for understanding. God is more than willing to guide you, especially if He gave the dream.

  18. Anusha

    Thanx for the reply. The reason i believe it is from God is because i have had other dreams which were for my own correction. I have another dream about jewellery like the one before.
    I see that i have a bag of jewellery but it does not belong to me. The unknown lady whose bag it is wants it back but im hesitant to give it back. (i did not see the lady and is not present in the dream) i take out a necklace which is made of gold and has red and green stones in it. Also it has white beads. When i try to put it on to see how it looks i find out it is broken.
    I jump into another dream where im standing at the church door and someone is asking to adopt an abandoned child. He hands over the baby to me and tell me that this is a 7 months old child. I already have 2 children so im thinking how i will convince my husband for adopting this one.
    I enter the church and find myself in another setting where im expecting the news of someone passing away.
    I then jump back into my first dream and see that while i was away the lady whose jewellery bag it was came and took it away. I feel that im ok with it as it was rightfully hers.
    Sorry it is an extremely long text but these three dreams are all interconnected.
    I can’t figure what does jewellery represent and what is God telling me.

    • Barbara Lardinais

      I approach dream interpretation from a bit of a different angle. Rather than take an element (such as jewelry) and assign a meaning to it, I like to ask: what does that particular item mean to you? The general dream dictionary is just a starting point or a fall back position. Jewelry may represent wealth or desires or things to drag you down, BUT, what does jewelry represent to YOU and how does it correlate with your current life? I can’t give you the interpretation of this dream because I do not know you well enough and do not know all the issues in your life. I can only suggest that you ask yourself a lot of questions, and see if over time, your gut tells you what the dream means. I would always suggest writing down those dreams you particularly feel come from God and make sure you date them. Sometimes a perspective will come forth at a later date.

  19. Lenore

    I have had a reoccurring dream about my best friend and I for years on a city bus in the city we grew up in. The dreams are often different, however, for the most part she is always apart of the dream if I dream the city bus. Recently, I dreamt my parents and sister and I were on the bus, but for the majority of the bus dreams she is in it. What does the ‘“bus” signify?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      You might consider that a bus signifies traveling along in life. These are people you do life with. Think about where you are going in life, and how these people travel with you. Also consider the emotions of the dream. That may help you figure out the core element of the issue you are working through in the dreams.

  20. Kimberly

    Could you please help interpet my dream? I dreamt of a white cat eating a small white mouse and then leaving with a smile on his face. What could this mean. Please help. I will be praying for an answer. Please pray with me.

    • Barbara Lardinais

      It’s really hard to interpret any dream in a vacuum. By that I mean, dreams happen within the context of the dreamer’s life. So it is important to evaluate what’s going on in your life that may relate to the dream. Also, emotions are of paramount importance in a dream. Sometimes they can tell you what a dream means more than the details of it. You need tools for interpretation. You might want to see my book Dreams: God’s Voice in the Night on Amazon. It might be very helpful.

  21. Michelle

    I dreamt about myself walking in a place with plants. As I passed-by on a certain bush, a monkey jumped on my back and it’s hurting me like as if it is biting me. I tried to get rid and let it go but it won’t and just kept hurting my back. Then I woke up. What could this mean? I prayed for a revelation about a thing I wanna do.

    • Barbara Lardinais

      I’m glad you mentioned in the end that you had prayed for a revelation about a thing you want to do. That is your starting point for understanding your dream. We all have random dreams every night, so what about this dream somehow relates your request? You sense this dream was given by God. Ask yourself lots of questions. Do you feel as a bottom line more revelation about the revelation you requested? God bless you and God bless your dreams.

  22. Joy Velasco

    Hi, I have been dreaming everyday since I finished the Prophetic Workshop held in our church last Satuday, 13th of April 2019 conducted by Pastora Rachel with her husband Bishop Chito of River of God Ortigas, Phils. I was trying to interpret my dreams but I could not understand some of my visions because some are not here in your website. And all my dreams happens in the morning before I wake up. Today, Wednesday morning, I dreamt that I was standing in the river bank like Pasig River but with clean water and many people swimming. Then I saw some debris of dirt then I get a stick with net on the tip to catch and remove the dirts from that flowing water. Then there were 2 black cars and 1 red car that moved back and flee away from me. And then I saw a wedding feast, I joined the feast and everyone were so joyful like how I felt there feasting with them. Then I woke up already. So, I immediately check your website but I did not see the meaning of the Rubbish that I removed from that flowing river and the Wedding Feast. I hope you could help me with this vision. Thank you very much! God bless!

    • Barbara Lardinais

      You don’t really need a dream dictionary to interpret the elements in your dream. That can be a starting point, but only to get you thinking about what that element means to YOU. You need to think about things that are going on in your life that you feel pertain to the dream. You also need to think about your emotions in the dream. If you go under the dream section in my website you can learn more about how to interpret your dream. Thanks for visiting.

  23. Ethel

    what would a broom or sweeping in a dream mean?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      The answer is that it depends on the context of the dream and, more importantly, the context of your life. Are you feeling like some things need to be cleaned out or swept away? Think about how the dream relates to your current life situation.

  24. Maria

    What could sitting in a back seat of a car mean

    • Barbara Lardinais

      It could mean so, so many things. Objects within a dream don’t operate in a vacuum. So much depends on the context of your life, what the symbols represent to you, your emotions prevalent during the dream, etc. Often your “gut” feeling about what a dream means is correct.

      • Denise Curry

        Hi, My husband committed suicide 11 yrs. ago. This past month, on his real birthday Nov. 11, I dreamt he was standing beside a car stooped over before getting into car. He had struggled with back pain for over 12 years prior to his death. The only words I remember his saying is “we’re on our way to my son’s house. Can you please tell me why I had this dream.

        • Barbara Lardinais

          I can’t really tell you “why” you had that dream. Did something going on in your life at the present time trigger it? I don’t know. I’m sure there is still pain and many questions over your husband’s decision even after eleven years. It will always be part of you and the lens through which you view life. This is one of those times when you pray help from the Holy Spirit and put the dream on a shelf for future revelation. God bless you and your dreams.

  25. Rena

    In my dream, I visited my secondary school where I graduated about 35 years ago. Whilst there I was with some people and showing them around. I showed them the assembly point and recognised the spot in which I used to stand during assembly. I also showed them the male domitory which looked pretty the same. But the female section had new structures.

    • Barbara Lardinais

      I’m sure you are looking for some clues as to what your dream means. The thing is, the context of your life is the most important thing and that isn’t given. Dreams don’t happen in a vacuum. So…think about what might have triggered this dream. Perhaps it is just one of those dreams that doesn’t have any profound significance, but is simply part of processing whatever is going on in your life on a conscious level. Think about what significance your secondary school had for you. Think about how you felt in the dream and on waking, how you felt. Good memories or bad? Would you like to go back to that time? Those things all give you clues. Thanks for writing. God bless you and your dreams.

  26. linda

    what does watching your grown son (deceased) running around with his friends with a wet diaper on
    he didn’t know how to change it and you could see his pants were wet
    i had a diaper and was going to change it for him but if he knew how to change it himself that would be perfect.

    my only other child (daughter) is going thru things that always require me to rescue her financially or her life can be taken (gangs, etc)
    could it have been her and not my son who is in heaven?

    • Barbara Lardinais

      I don’t know what you mean by wondering if it is your daughter and not your son who is in heaven. If your daughter is living, she is not in heaven. She is here on earth. I do think the dream is probably more about your daughter rather than your deceased son. You are simply dreaming about how you have to keep coming through when she can’t manage her own life effectively.