Barbara Lardinais – Bio

LardinaisBarbara006_1.jpgBarbara Lardinais was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio in a Catholic Christian home but did not establish a personal relationship with Jesus Christ until August 13, 1977 during a deep emotional upheaval in her life. Following a dramatic conversion experience she began an intensive study of God’s Word which continues to this day.

For the next 26 years, Barbara raised two daughters, worked in corporate America and served in various ministry capacities in her local church particularly in teaching and prayer ministry. In 1998 she graduated from Vision Christian Bible College with a Bachelor of Theology degree. July of 2003 marked another major career shift for Barbara as she left a management position at a national corporation and pursued full time Christian ministry.

On March 21, 2004 she became a licensed ordained minister through an affiliation with the Apostolic Team Minisities (ATM) network of churches.

Barbara loves to teach but her deepest passion is writing. She desires that her writing for Hannah’s Cupboard will connect people with her living Lord, Jesus Christ, and encourage readers to invest in a relationship with him too. When asked what she wants people to say after visiting her website she replies;
“I want them to say that they felt God’s presence. I want them to come away with a sense that God touched them through something I wrote that made a difference in their life.”

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