Angels – What are they up to today?

May 14, 2018Straight Talk

The Question

What part do angels play today?

– Submitted by an unknown reader

The Answer
Part 1: Who are the Angels?
Part 2: Angels today
Part 3: Angels and New Age

Who are the Angels? (Part 1)

Angels are beings created by God; they are His servants and do His bidding. They usually dwell in the invisible realm of God’s creation but there are times when they show up in our visible realm. Even when they are invisible they are around us all the time. The word angel in Hebrew means; “one who is dispatched as a deputy or ambassador.” In Greek the word “angelos” means “one who brings good tidings.”

In the scripture, there is more than one classification of angelic being and they have more than one function. For instance, God placed “Cherubim” at the entrance to the Garden of Eden with flaming swords to prevent anyone from entering and finding again the Tree of Life. There are “Seraphim” which surround God’s throne and worship Him twenty four hours a day. There are Archangels such as Michael who is a warrior and is the guardian angel over Israel and Gabriel who made the announcement to Mary that she would be the mother of the Messiah.

Satan or Lucifer was originally part of God’s angelic host but he rebelled and was thrown out of heaven taking about one third (we think) of the host of heaven with him. Since these angels chose sin, that tells us angels have free wi