Tithing when I have no church

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The Question:

How do I tithe when I don’t have a church?

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The Answer
Part 1: Who gets your tithe?

Who gets your tithe? (Part 1)

For any who don’t know, tithing is part of God’s prescription for giving. Tithe means “tenth” so it is giving the first tenth of your income into God’s work and for his kingdom. It is considered the “minimum” in giving since in the Old Testament many additional offerings beyond it were expected and given.

Examining the scripture where God discusses tithing can give us some clues in how to tithe. Malachi 3:10 says; “‘Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in My house, and test Me now in this,’ says the Lord of hosts, ‘if I will not open for you the windows of heaven, and pour out for you a blessing until it overflows.'”

What is the storehouse the Lord is speaking of? Most consider it the tither’s church home. Notice that God is very practical; “so that there may be food in My house” – or the electric bill will be paid, a salary will be provided the pastor, the furnace can be replaced, bibles can be bought etc. A church can only continue to function if there are giving people who support it.

God must consider tithing mighty important because he attaches a promise to any who practice it. Giving to his kingdom and his work will cause him to open heaven’s windows and pour out an overflowing blessing. BUT — what if you don’t have a church home?

I would like to suggest finding one and plugging into it as soon as possible but I am not going to handle that issue at this time since that was not the question. Let’s say there is some legitimate reason why a person does not have a church at the given moment. That’s okay, because you can still pick a church that you can support financially by tithing without attending it. Be sure that the church you have chosen is Bible based and serving the work of Jesus Christ.

Next, you could pick a ministry, either locally or nationally that you would like to support. There are so many that serve the kingdom of God and that rely totally on contributions. You don’t want your money wasted so make sure you trust the integrity of the ministry.

One thing to keep in mind no matter where you tithe: you are giving to God and in obedience to his command. Once the money leaves your hands, forget about it and trust God to use it as he sees fit to advance his kingdom. Remember that no matter how much you give, you can’t out give God.

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  1. Christe Mihok

    Everything I have is The Lords. The end time laodicean churches I can not stomach anymore . I’ve tried. Through their watering down the Word, failure to teach it to itching ears, the congregation refusing to give up their assigned seating to a new comer, we are in different times that is no longer edifying. I refuse to rob God though. I won’t promote this anymore, but if I have to drive around looking for homeless needy people to give my tithes to until I have full discernment on where my tithes should go I will but the tents of the wicked no more.