Ouchie – Psalm 147:3

Wake Up Call

Have you ever met a person best described as “Ouchie”? They are super sensitive and their feelings get hurt quite easily. You wonder why they have such thin skin. This story may help to explain it.

Once as a child I fell off my bike and busted open my knee while my visiting cousins were teaching me how to ride a two wheeler. I screamed and hollered until the throbbing settled down and a scab formed and I started to play again.

My cousins wanted me to try again and unfortunately I eventually agreed and got back on the bike. As if pre-programmed, within minutes I went flying off the bike exactly like the first time and landed on the same knee. The pain of that scab being ripped off on the hard concrete sidewalk is seared forever in my memory.

This is just how things often work with Ouchie people. They get their feelings hurt somehow and a scab forms. Very likely, another incident occurs sooner or later which reopens it. When the person reacts (often overreacts), they are actually feeling the pain of both incidents and may not realize it.

Some people have had their wounds reopened hundreds of times. They get where they experience pain before anything has even happened. If you know such a person you realize how difficult they are to help. Maybe hard but not impossible. Ask the Divine Physician to heal their original wound in such a way that there will be no scab to bust again. That’s His specialty. Remember the Lord alone “heals the brokenhearted, and binds up their wounds” (Psalm 147:3).