Even Trade – Isaiah 40:29

Wake Up Call

Did you ever think of weakness as an advantage? Our culture certainly doesn’t see it that way, does it? In our society the weak are those who get picked off by bullies or con men. But God says; “He gives power to the weak, and to those who have no might He increases strength.” (Isaiah 40:29)

I think God plans it that way because he loves those who depend on him instead of themselves and the weak are those who have no other choice. I’ve been in more than a few pickles through the years where my weakness was all I had going for me.

Once I was in a hopeless situation when a man lied about a traffic accident I was involved in. He ran a red light and hit me and totaled my car but he claimed I was the one who ran the red light. The police didn’t know who was telling the truth so they cited both of us. I prayed, realizing my goose was cooked unless God intervened. In court, a witness showed up unexpectedly out of the blue who verified my story. The truth came out and I was cleared.

These days I’m more likely to start rejoicing as soon as I recognize how weak I am. That’s when I know for sure that God is going to show up. Are you weak in some area of your life right now? Take advantage of it. Present your weakness to him and he will present you with his power, might, and strength. What’s more, he’ll act like it is an even trade.