Keep A Change Of Clothes Handy – Isaiah 61:3

Wake Up Call

In Isaiah 61:3, the prophet speaks about the coming Messiah who would provide; “The garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness” along with a bunch of other really good stuff. All of it is now fulfilled through Jesus Christ.

Even so, we don’t always take advantage of all God’s provision; at least I know I don’t. Sometimes depression and discouragement wrap themselves around us and we go about life stooped over from the weight. We feel like we have on a heavy winter coat but we long for a season change and the ability to go “coatless”.

There is a way to shed that “spirit of heaviness.” Throw it off by putting on the garment of praise. It’s not always easy to get started but it is worth it. Praising God is hard when you don’t feel like it so you need the “Just Do It” attitude at first. Once you begin to recount all of God’s attributes and start listing how great and wonderful he is something happens. There is a shift in your perspective and a lifting of discouragement.

Circumstances may not have changed but your heart has changed. Realizing what a praise worthy God we serve softens the burden of life’s trials. More than that, it actually dissolves the spirit of heaviness. Down the road in life it will probably happen again so remember, keep a change of clothes handy.