Do Over – Romans 14:12

Wake Up Call

Suppose you won a “Do Over” coupon for your life? You would be able to redeem it upon your death at the throne of God. With this coupon you would be allowed to return to earth and do your life over, omitting mistakes, changing decisions or accomplishing things you never tried the first time.

What would you change? Think about it! What dream would you pursue that you didn’t have the courage to the first time? What decisions do you regret that you would like to do over? What accomplishments would you strive for the second time around?

Of course there is no such coupon. When life is over it stands as is. But the part about appearing at the throne of God is still accurate. Romans 14:12 says; “So then each one of us shall give account of himself to God.”Since we have just one life to live, why not try to do it in a way NOW that won’t be embarrassing when we have to give that account?

NOW make right decisions (you know what they are or you wouldn’t want to do them over), pursue fulfillment of every gift and talent, accomplish as much work in God’s kingdom as possible, live in such a way that your life will be a bouquet of flowers to present to him as a sweet smelling fragrance.

You can’t do anything to change your past up to this minute but you can resolve to live the rest of your life in a different way. A way that’s just as if you had a “Do Over” coupon safely in your pocket.