Keep It Going

Wake Up Call

Some time ago I told the story of my friend Gisele and the remarkable way God provided for her during a time of deep financial need. (Click HERE if you would like to read the original story.) Well, now there is a follow-up story I’d like to share.

Gisele was at her bank standing in line and could not help but overhear the desperation of a woman being assisted in front of her. On unemployment, the lady wrote a check that somehow bounced. Though she immediately called the bank requesting they not put it through again, they did – five more times, charging $25 each time.

Gisele had been in a similar spot the year before with the same bank. Her heart felt for the woman who was trying to plead her case and not break down in public. I must do something, Gisele thought.

She remembered back to when $100 had been thrust into her own desperate hand the day before her rent was due. Nervous, she stepped forward while the bank employee was away. “I apologize for overhearing your conversation” said Gisele. “I was in your shoes a year ago. But God blessed me and I want to bless you now. I know this isn’t a complete solution but I hope it will encourage you to know God cares about you.”

Tears streaming down both their faces, Gisele pressed $100 into her hand, turned quickly and walked away. Perhaps that woman will someday overhear another person in need. Perhaps she will remember how God provided for her the same way Gisele remembered. Perhaps she will also extend her hand to pass on her blessings.

How has God blessed you? Keep it going.