Exception Clause – Romans 13:8

Wake Up Call

This might be a good time of year to remember the admonition: “Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another.” (Romans 13:8) Why? Because from now till the end of the year is the most likely time to be pressed to overspend resulting in owing much to many.

From Thanksgiving through Christmas the pressure is indeed great – and the cause is admirable. Special food, travel to family, gifts; these are all worthy causes. But many out there have not finished paying for last year so more debt will create an even deeper pit.

If we removed every debt from our life except the obligation to love one another, what would that be like? I bet many health problems caused by worry or anxiety would disappear. We wouldn’t dread opening the mail to find another bill or another credit card maxed to the limit. Bankruptcy filings would plummet.

Best of all, we would be obeying the Word of God and nothing but good can ever come of that. Think about the joy of being debt free before launching into shopping this year. As you plan for the season of love, think about ways to love one another. That way, instead of practicing writing checks and signing credit cards slips, you can practice the exception clause.