Healing Either Way – John 9:7

Wake Up Call

Doesn’t our natural mind tend to discount miracles and healing? Even if we believe that God still works supernaturally today, we often only call it that after medicine and all other natural means have failed. But actually, isn’t God really behind it even when medicine or other natural means are used?

We have been praying lately in my church for a newborn baby with multiple heart problems including several holes in her heart. I just got an update. The doctors feel that in the next four or five weeks, as her heart grows, she will grow out of some of her problems. Nothing supernatural there; chalk up another one for medicine and Mother Nature.

Wrong. I’m reminded of the time Jesus healed a blind man by applying mud and spit to his eyes. Actually, he wasn’t healed the moment Jesus did that. The scripture says that Jesus said to him, “‘Go, wash in the pool of Siloam’ And so he went away and washed, and came back seeing.” (John 9:7) At what moment did he receive sight? Did the pool of Siloam heal him or did the Divine Physician?

God is the author of all health and healing. Modern medicine is not at odds with his healing flow; it is an instrument of it. The so called “natural” curative powers resident in each person were put there by a loving Heavenly Father. Whether a “miracle” drug is used or mud and spit – it’s still a miracle. Healing comes from God either way.