Sam’s Story – Romans 8:28

Wake Up Call

I heard a very encouraging story recently and wanted to share it with you. Sam’s experience might be a help to you if you have been through a reversal of fortune in your life and don’t know what to make of it.

A few years ago Sam felt very strongly that God was indicating he make a career change, one that would require more schooling and some financial sacrifice. After much prayer and discussion with his wife he decided to go for it. The years of school while keeping finances together for the family was difficult but Sam knew he was in God’s will and looked forward to the new career.

He finally graduated in the spring and was ready to apply for jobs but needed to pass a State certification. This was no big deal; he walked out of the test feeling confident he had passed. Except he didn’t pass – he got notification he failed the test. Sam was devastated and confused. Though not normally given to depression, he experienced a black hole of depression for weeks.

The questions kept coming. “Where were you in all this Lord?” “I thought you told me to make the career change – did I not hear your voice?” “How could you have let me fail this necessary test?” “How am I supposed to understand this?” “Now what do I do and how do I support my family?”

Some close family members knew what had happened and one day a relative called to say there was a newspaper article of interest. Someone who had taken the same test as Sam had challenged the results and upon re-examination the State had found they made a mistake. Sam turned on the TV and saw a similar story on the local news. Taking a deep breath, he called the State to have his own results re-verified.

It turns out that several people who had actually passed the test had been coded as failing and yes, Sam was one of them. All along, God was holding a missing piece of information that Sam was unaware of. God was faithful and trustworthy even as Sam asked questions and went through depression. God brought a good result in his timing.

Have you ever felt like Sam? Do you feel that way now? God is holding some missing information for you and he WILL bring a good result in the end. Trust him.

“For we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)



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