Goodbye JP II

Wake Up Call

popeWhen Pope John Paul II died, I watched the TV coverage and was intrigued by one interview with a young man at that time. He told the reporter; “We call ourselves the “JPII Generation” – John Paul is the only Pope we have ever known. We love him and he has affected our life forever.”

Evidently there are thousands, even millions, of young people who have been influenced by this man who practiced what he preached and who stood by hard principles that might have alienated him from today’s youth. He did it so lovingly, however, that young and old alike were drawn to him like a magnet. Even those who didn’t agree with him loved him and respected him.

Because of a true good leader, how many young adults will choose to serve God? How many have been influenced to serve their fellow man instead of themselves? After all, it’s quite a legacy to have a whole generation named after you. I wonder if he was ever even aware of that.

Isn’t it amazing how far each life can reach? For good or for bad, we all have more power than we realize to affect the lives of others, even ones we don’t know personally. We touch one who touches another and it goes on and on. Those who were touched by the Pope will now reach out to others and into the next generation.

Goodbye JP II – Well done, good and faithful servant!



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