“Gratia” – Psalm 145:16

Wake Up Call

Don’t you love to be at a party in the home of a gracious host? You feel comfortable and at ease. If you spill something you are made to feel it is no big deal. You can put your feet up and set a drink down without worries. Conversation flows easy and relaxed; no pins and needles, afraid you’ll say the wrong thing.

Did you know that the root of the word gracious is the Latin word “gratia” which means: marked by kindness, courtesy and generosity of spirit? There is another wonderful word that comes from that same gratia root. It is “Grace.” Grace denotes favor and unmerited divine assistance.

Funny how around God you feel the same way you feel around a gracious host – even better. Accepted. Enjoyed. Favored. Blessed. That’s because of God’s grace. We don’t deserve it but that’s the point; it’s bigger than our unworthiness. He pours His unmerited favor on us every day of our life.

“You open Your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing” (Psalm 145:16). Wow! That’s a pretty gracious God. If you haven’t thought of God in this light, you are probably partying at the wrong house. Graciously make your excuses and withdraw.

Go in search of the party at the home of the gracious host. It won’t be too hard to find; he left the light on just for you!



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