Let’s Not Be Realistic

Wake Up Call

I know a woman who is married to a man who is very negative about many things. He is cynical, especially when it comes to the church. He has experienced some hurt in the past over church issues and I imagine he uses his skepticism as protection.

He calls his attitude something different. Instead of seeing himself as negative, he calls it being realistic. Pastors are probably sinning behind the congregation’s back. If a church fails it was only to be expected. Those kind souls who helped him out probably had an ulterior motive.

Okay, I agree that we shouldn’t bury our head in the sand. Because we all fail so often in life, we can’t be surprised and shocked when others do the same. But when we always see the glass as half empty, is that realism?

Is God “realistic” when he looks at us? From the first man and woman, he has pretty much seen sin and rebellion. Man has failed over and over through all the centuries. Did that stop God from continuing his blessings? Did it stop him from having a wonderful plan for each person’s life – even when they failed to live up to their potential? Did it stop him from sending his Son to redeem mankind even when so many would never accept the gift?

God is not negative, cynical or skeptical and scripture tells us “But we have the mind of Christ.” (1 Corinthians 2:16) I take it from that we should join God in viewing people and situations with positive hope and encouragement. Therefore, whenever we have the choice to be like my friend’s husband, I suggest: let’s not be realistic.


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