Are You a “People Person”?

Wake Up Call

That’s a frequently asked question in job interviews, especially for customer service positions. Some of us are natural and comfortable around people and in fact, we gain energy from people. For others it is the opposite; people drain our energy.

Which are you? And, as you think of your answer, don’t feel guilty if you are one of the “people drain me” types. I’m here to say that with rare exception we are all “people” persons, though expressed in different ways.

We know when Jesus walked the earth he put people first. He could be bone tired, and trying to get away by himself but, if the people showed up he ministered to them anyhow. He stopped and turned around to follow a grieving father back to his house, even though he was originally headed in another direction. He did not hold people back; instead he always held the door open to himself.

However, think about this: I never heard of Jesus baking a cake to welcome a neighbor or inviting the whole church over to his house for lunch to get to know everybody better, or holding a fundraiser for someone who lost their job. Jesus ministered to people based on his own personality and according to his own call from his heavenly Father.

We should do the same. If your gifts are more “behind the scenes,” it doesn’t mean you don’t care about people or that you are lacking in love. Maybe shyness holds you back from being the “life of the party” type, but God can still love others through you.

Keep in mind; he didn’t make a mistake when he chose your unique gifts or personality. Regardless of style I’m sure you ARE a “people person.”



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