Merry Christmas

Wake Up Call

Well here we are; that precious, awe-filled time when we remember God’s gift of His Son to the world. It’s true that we don’t really know the date of Christ’s birth, but who cares? He came–that means all the difference to history and to eternity. Once Jesus was on planet earth the events to save us from our sins were set in motion culminating in His death, burial and resurrection.

Christmas is simple yet profound. Because so much has been added to this season by our culture it is easy to miss the simplicity. Look for it this year. Find it, and push all the other clutter aside even if only for a brief hour or so on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning. Come let us adore Him! Do that! It will be the most important moment you will have.

Merry Christmas to you and your family. My prayer is that He loads you down with blessings, peace and joy!


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