Wake Up Call

I have a really wonderful friend who is always finding wonderful pictures or clips on the Internet and forwarding them on to me. Every time I see her name in the “from” column I get excited because I know it will be something really special.

This morning I opened one that she forwarded recently. It was a site of snowflake photography. Who would think there would be a whole website built just around pictures of snowflakes? Anyhow, I clicked the link.

As I looked at the array of pictures I felt a little disappointed because I thought “Oh, these aren’t real – they are just glass models that someone is trying to sell.” But I was wrong. I started reading and found that each and every one was real and was photographed by someone who uses very advanced camera techniques and goes to a tremendous amount of trouble to preserve this “temporary” work of art from God.

That’s when an overwhelming awe filled my soul. This is quite a God and snowflakes are a small hint of it. He goes to this much trouble (no two are alike) for something that will never be seen or appreciated almost 100% of the time.

Should you ever begin to take God and his marvelous creation for granted I recommend the snowflake to you. If he cares this much about something that only lasts a few second, how do you think he feels about you? It’s worth pondering.



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