Fudging – Proverbs 19:5

Wake Up Call

Why do people “fudge” – better known as lying? I contend that one of the reasons has to do with how they want other people to see them. Not wanting to look bad or lose face, they say what will best keep up appearances.

I know of a person who is about to be exposed in what I imagine was this kind of lie. Here’s what happened: Susie ran into Tim (not their real names) last week and asked: “How is Mr. Fu doing?” “Oh, he’s really doing great!” fudged Tim. Susie was so relieved. She had reluctantly adopted her precious Siamese cat to Tim when circumstances in her own house made it sad but necessary.

Actually, at that moment, Mr. Fu was not really doing so great. He was found by a couple several neighborhoods away from Tim, close to starvation and dehydrated almost beyond hope. They took him to the vet and saved his life and began a search for a new home. Eventually, calling on a local Siamese rescue organization, someone recognized him and notified the original owner.

Mr. Fu is now back home with Susie, and Tim is oblivious that anyone ever discovered that he either accidentally “lost” or more probably “dropped” off the cat in another neighborhood. Susie is going to confront him and those of us who know the story would love to be there when she does.

Now, instead of saving face, Tim is about to end up red faced. If he had known this he could have avoided the embarrassment; “he who speaks lies will not escape” (Proverbs 19:5).



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