Teach Your Children

Wake Up Call

money-wallet1I know a wonderful godly couple that are doing a remarkable job raising two children. My proof is what happened over this past Christmas season. Right now finances are particularly tight and the couple had many private discussions over what to do about gift giving.

Even though the children have not been brought into the stress of coping with it they see what is going on. One night the couple found a note and a ten-dollar bill on their bed. Their daughter wanted to contribute to the Christmas general fund. Part of what she said is that she knew they wouldn’t want to take it but please don’t give it back–she was determined to help and to bless her parents.

So of course, that is what they did. They allowed her to give and they allowed themselves to receive (which is sometimes hardest of all). God honored all this with a bonus that none of them will ever forget.

Father and daughter were shopping at a local retailer and carefully comparing the best deals for a gift for mom. A woman walked up to the father and said: “Is this your daughter?” and after the affirmative response she walked to another part of the department. When the final shopping decisions were made the woman quietly returned to the girl and thrust something in her hand and said “God bless you” and rushed away.

Astonished, they looked down and saw a twenty-dollar bill. They have no idea who the woman was but they know for sure that the gift was from God. He doubled the girl’s investment into her family’s Christmas.

Teach your children all you know about God but then watch and see what he will teach them himself!



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