Momentum – Mark 16:15

Wake Up Call

You know what momentum is, don’t you? You know that if you have a lot of momentum you are hard to stop. I think about race car drivers who take several laps before the flag signals the true beginning. I think about discus throwers who pull way back and release the discus when they have built up all their power possible.

Actually, momentum is determined by the length of time required to bring something moving to rest. That’s what the dictionary says. Therefore, I think we should investigate ways to develop spiritual momentum. Why? Because, as a believer in Jesus Christ, I’d like to be very hard to stop. I hope you feel the same.

We need to get on a roll. I think we were designed to do so. Christianity involves action. For instance; GOinto all the world…” Mark 15:16 says. We have to ask ourselves if we are moving forward in the kingdom of God at a pace that builds power enough so our enemy cannot stop us.

We are told that “the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.” (1 Peter 5:8) The more momentum we have behind us, the less chance we will ever be devoured.

We should pray even when we are not in crisis; we should live a lifestyle of witness even when our church isn’t doing an evangelism project; we should aggressively live our call to servanthood even when we really only want to serve our self.

Spiritually, these are the ways to become unstoppable. Does the enemy have his eye on you, ready to pounce? Get going. Acquire so much momentum he won’t even see you as you streak by.



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