Weeding for Love

Wake Up Call

This morning early, before all the birds were out of bed, I was behind my garage weeding. This is not an area I see or care about so why was I doing it? Well, the lady behind me is elderly, has lost her husband, and is self admittedly an obsessive compulsive perfectionist. Even though she has a small fence to hide my weeds, she cannot stand for them to be there.

When things get beyond her breaking point she gives me a call and very kindly wonders if I realize how out of control that patch is. She hates to be a bother she says, but… she can no longer do it herself… would I mind?

When this first came up two years ago I realized I had two choices. It’s my yard so I can leave it that way even if the weeds get up to six feet tall. She’s really in the wrong and should spend some time working on her “character flaw,” right? Couldn’t I help her more by refusing to give in to it?

The other choice is: “Love is patient, love is kind.” (1 Corinthians 13:4) Ugh! That’s how I felt when I first caved in to that option. But then, something has happened over time. I’ve come to love this sweet old lady with the whiny voice. When her name pops up on my Caller ID, I smile. Hmmm. Better look for those gardening clogs.

After all, she’s being patient with me too. She must wonder why I wait so long and why she has to call me to do my weeding duty. Maybe God’s using her to work on one of my character flaws.

Anyhow, that’s the way I need to see it as I set my alarm again for sunrise.


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