If The Shoe Fits

Wake Up Call

Last December my daughters bought me the most wonderful, most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever had. They are lined with wooly stuff and feel like a slipper as my foot slides in. The only thing wrong with them is that I guess I have to face the fact that they will eventually wear out. I wish I had two or three more pairs for when they do!

If you are involved in any ministry in your church, does it feel as good a fit as my shoes? If the answer is no, you are probably plugged into the wrong place. God deposits gifts inside each of us for the good of his whole body, the church. One of the ways we can tell which gifts we have are by what we love to do.

In my church we like to help people discover their gifts by observing what makes their face light up. When someone says passionately; “You know we really need a ministry in prisons” we have a clue about their gifts and calling. Of course there are times when we serve in a place we don’t like because it is needed and we are willing. This should only be temporary. As soon as possible, get to the place where your face lights up and you can feel a genuine passion to serve.

Regarding a ministry shoe, find one that fits like a glove!



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