Can You Hear Me Now?

Wake Up Call

No matter what the advertising says, cell phone technology has a long way to go. You can tell the vendors know their own pitiful state when they each advertise that their company has the LEAST dropped calls. It isn’t just when you are in a canyon or an elevator or going through a tunnel. As soon as you are at a crucial point in a conversation…Hello? “Call Lost”.

Sometimes we feel the same way in our communication with God. We place a call to him to put in a prayer request. We ask him a question about what to do next in our life. We send up an S.O.S for a desperate need. We wait. We wonder if we got disconnected. But that is never the case.

The prayer line technology is perfected and never breaks down. God always has his divine satellite running — looking for who might be wishing to connect with him. Listen to what he says about that in 2 Chronicles 16:9; “For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His.”

If you have called out to God, believe me, he has heard your prayer. He knew your need before you presented it and has already prepared the right answer for the right time. Your connection is intact. Don’t worry; with God you will never have to ask; “can you hear me now?”


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