Better Or Bitter – Acts 8:23

Wake Up Call

I believe the word “bitter” is an apt name for the condition. Can you picture the face of a person who has swallowed bitter medicine? In addition to the intense scowl, there is something like an accompanying shudder.

When bitterness enters the soul it is the same. Once there, bitterness produces a sour, unpleasant harshness and hostility. Bitter people are some of the hardest people to endure being around because their venom spills over into every aspect of life. To continue in bitterness is sin and it certainly causes sin.

Do you remember a guy named Simon in Acts 8 who was converted to Christ from a life of practicing magic and sorcery? After he believed he was baptized and followed Philip around and was amazed at the great miracles taking place. He probably looked like all the other new believers at first but after a time something else shone through.

Peter saw right through him when he offered the apostle money to be given the authority to lay hands on people and impart the Holy Spirit. He nailed Simon with this word of knowledge: “For I see that you are in the gall of bitterness and in the bondage of iniquity.” (Acts 8:23)

Simon had a chance to change but he didn’t. Bitter people often blame others and refuse responsibility. They don’t want to give up their rancorous root; they somehow feel justified to continue carrying it. Ask yourself if you have any bitter spots in your soul. If so, don’t be like Simon. Repent quickly and ask God to heal your sour soul. Wouldn’t you rather be better than bitter?



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