Group Violin

Wake Up Call

music-notes-3I have a group of ladies that I play violin with every Monday night. It is certainly a different experience playing alone versus in a group, and that was a mighty big adjustment for me.

When I’m alone and I need to slow down, I just slow down, and so what? It’s hilarious in group when we are all slowing down at different places, and suddenly you can’t even recognize we are playing the same song. Add that to the rarity of everyone playing in tune for more than a few measures in a row and you can picture our big cacophonous musical mess.

Our only progress is made when Aaron, our teacher, is with us. I don’t know how he does it, but he can get us both in tune and in time and then, Ahhh – music happens. We laugh a lot either way, but I’m sure an outsider listening would much prefer if Aaron was in attendance.

God wants his church to operate as a beautiful symphony. It can’t happen when everyone is doing their own thing in their own timing or when someone is off playing by himself. Jesus is our conductor, and He’s the one who decides who plays what, for how long, and in which key. Timing is everything so we better keep a close eye on His direction.

An outside observer of the church of Jesus Christ should be able to tell what piece is being played. An outsider should be drawn to the beautiful music enough to say, “Hey can I join your group?” “Sure. There’s always room for one more.”



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