Mr. J’s Christmas Letter

Wake Up Call

It was the last day of class before the Christmas recess. The students were distracted and excited to be done. But for the teacher, Mr. J., there was one piece of unfinished business.

Mr. J. had been diligently working on a Christmas project for the students since September. He had secretly sent a letter to the home of each one asking the parents to write a special letter to their child to be presented on this final day. According to his thinking, we often neglect to say the most important things to the people who are most important to us.

He asked each parent to write a letter from their heart to their child and say those things that perhaps had never been expressed before. In the busyness of daily life we may get caught up in; “Don’t forget your lunch money” and neglect; “I love you and treasure the day you were born into our family.” So the letters poured in before the deadline and thankfully, not one child was without a letter to be passed out.

I was one of those parents who turned in a letter. My daughter Danielle was in Mr. J’s class. I was eagerly awaiting the end of the day and the typical call I received at work after Danielle arrived home. Well, what happened I asked? Was everyone surprised? How did all of you react?

Yes it was a total surprise – no one had spilled the beans. The class went totally quiet as the letters were passed out. Tears spilled down faces and sniffles could be heard. In profound silence, the students tucked their precious letters into pockets and left school for Christmas break. These students had been given a once in a lifetime gift. I’m sure most of them still have their letters.

Is there someone you know who could benefit by a surprise Christmas letter from you this year? It will cost you time and thought and caring but it will be worth it. To the one who receives it – it will be priceless!



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