You CAN Take It With You

Wake Up Call

People always say that you can’t take it with you. It’s a good thing to say when you see people trying to hoard their goods or pile up more and more in bank accounts. Job knew the truth of the matter when he said: “‘Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I shall return there'” (Job 1:21).

I heard someone repeating the old can’t take it with you quote the other day and I got to thinking about the person they were talking about when they said it. This is a person who is pretty much the epitome of selfishness. I realized how truly bankrupt this poor individual is.

“They can’t take their money” I thought, “but there is something else that can go.” When you leave this earth, what can you take with you? You can take your character. In fact, whatever your character is will go with you intact into eternity. Character is your core value system and the decisions you make based on those values.

Every time generosity is chosen over self-interest, good character is formed. The opposite is also true; bad character is refined and honed through dishonesty, meanness and selfishness. Over a lifetime, character is quite evident – whether good or bad.

I wonder what would happen if this person I know realized how things will go when they die. Would they change before it is too late? Would they lay down what they cannot take in exchange for what they can?

It’s good for all of us to consider. Remember what you CAN take with you.



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