This gospel, written by Luke the Physician, is probably the warmest telling of the life of Christ and includes the most details. The emphasis is telling the story to Gentiles.

Great Mothers – Mary Luke 1:38
The Plan Luke 2:7
Christmas Eve Luke 4:18
Due for a Comeback Luke 5:8
Christian Doormat? Luke 6:29
Warts And All Luke 6:38
Formula-proof Luke 6:38
Love Little Or Much Luke 7:47
Both Sides of the Coin Luke 8:3
Snow – The Great Cover Up Luke 8:17
Remember What’s Most Important Luke 8:29
Sneak Up Luke 8:46
The Bigger Plan Luke 9:24
Are You Fit? Luke 9:59
Pushing Buttons Luke 10
Be Single Minded Luke 10:27
Who Is My Neighbor? Luke 10:29
Prayer Chains Luke 11:9
Don’t Be Shy Luke 11:9
Hidden In The Heart Luke 12:2
What Kind of God? Luke 12:7
Time To Throw The Seed Out Luke 13:19
A Step Back Luke 14:10
Hard Saying Luke 14:26
Out There Luke 15:5
Free Will Luke 15:12
The Pig Pen Luke 15:18
Do Good NOW Luke 16:10
Go Green Luke 16:11
Pick Luke 16:13
If Your Brother Sins Luke 17:3
Stretch Luke 17:6
Keep After It! Luke 18:2
Stop That Gloating Luke 18:9
Possible With God Luke 18:25
Squeezing Through Needles Luke 18:25
Big Little Man Luke 19:5
Failing at Success Luke 19:38
Unnoticed? Luke 21:3
Are You Looking Up? Luke 21:26
God’s Opinion Luke 21:33
A Small Detail Luke 22:15
Better Bread Luke 22:19
Did You Blow It This Badly? Luke 22:61
Which Voices Prevail? Luke 23:21
Father Forgive Them Luke 23:34
Curse Not Luke 23:34
GOOD Friday – It Is Finished Luke 23:45
Dashed Hopes Luke 24:21
Resurrection Power Luke 24:41



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